Pluto in the 5th House

Pluto is one of the most complex planets in astrology. It represents the emotional darkness within us, trauma, things we kept repressed, regeneration, empowerment, fear, transformation, rebirth. It has been labeled as a dark malefic planet, one capable of great damage and destruction since it’s discovery and use in modern astrology. Isabel Hickey describes Pluto as possessing a dual nature; “If he so chooses man can use the line of least resistance and bring himself destruction and misery. When dealing with this most powerful radiation with wisdom and reason, the Minerva aspect of Pluto is in evidence, and the end result is a big step forward for mankind.” Pluto operates on a soul level, the core of our being, and only functions on raw and true emotions. It is representative of the emotions and things we do not want to deal with, for they are too painful for us right now, is what we would say. Pluto hurts us first, bringing forth transformation within the self, and causes metaphorical death of the individual, a rebirth of the self, shedding anew into a being more powerful, wise, and experienced for the world again. In great contrast, the fifth house is the house ruled by Leo – the sign of self will, creativity, romance. The fifth house rules these as well; casual relationships, children, self expression, sex (not to be confused with the 8th house of [intimate] sex, for the fifth house is not intimate on such a soul level), romance, hobbies, interests, attraction, what brings us pleasure/happiness/joy. The fifth house is where we go when we’re enjoying ourselves and letting the self create, indulge in flings and be free.

Any planet in the fifth house is directly tied into the self expression of the chart holder. Some astrologers have compared it to that planet being conjunct the natal sun, because it is so tightly incorporated into the chart holder’s life. We bring our Self into everything we do, and the fifth house doesn’t work without the planet inside of it, it’s always being put to use. Pluto here adds a very magnetic twist to such a sunny house. Those with Pluto in the fifth house, darkness covering the light of the sun, an eclipse is formed. The seriousness of Pluto can overpower the desires of the fifth house; the chart holder may struggle by taking themselves and their loves too seriously, backfiring on themselves creating a struggle to even want to be creative at all. There can be compulsive and ritualistic tendencies when it comes to Pluto due to it’s obsessive nature. Pluto rules our repressed fears and hidden desires; there can be a fear of other’s taking credit for their own work/interests, or of those that are able to easily go after what they desire. There can be much up-tightness with this placement for the chart holder.

There is a powerful presence to someone with Pluto in the fifth house, they express themselves through the inner workings of such mysterious planetary energy, it’s hard to ignore them, even if you want to. Pluto works at it’s highest vibration and divine purpose for the chart holder when it’s healing capabilities and chances for renewal of the soul are used for the sake of empowering others rather than the self. This is what cleanses the soul. This is one of the destinies that come with Pluto in the fifth house. Steven Forrest has described this concept as, “channeling ego-energy colorfully and unself-consciously in a way that encourages others to forget themselves momentarily and lose themselves in an identification with you.

Because this house represents creativity and self expression, and Pluto rules the taboo side of life, those with this placement tend to want to express these in their art or expression in some way or another. There is a direct identification with the darkness or a need to express the darkness of the world in some way, personally or artistically. There can be a fascination with the macabre, gothic studies, astrology, death, the paranormal, sex. When expressing oneself with this placement here, it can lead to self destruction very easily. Pluto is very extreme in it’s nature, all or nothing. When it comes to pleasures in life, including alcohol or drugs, it’s dangerous with such an intense planet here; there is risk for dangers in gambling, drinking and/or drugs for this reason. There can be addicts or alcoholics with this placement because of this downside. The fifth house also rules sex, as mentioned before, and Pluto can show our self destructive tendencies very well here in this house. There can be a destructive or self defeating attitude when it comes to one’s sex life with this placement. The individual may indulge in empty, dangerous or hurtful sexual affairs with others. And, because Pluto is obsession and this house is the house of romance, there can be the tendency to create a stalker out of yourself here. Or out of others because of the Plutonian energy you ooze onto others. There are obsessions here; commonly referred to as the “fatal attraction” placement for this reason by many astrologers. Obsessive love life, obsessive nature with one’s children or the idea of having children, obsessive desires to create. This placement can great the tormented artist or tortured soul; so encompassed in the darkness of life but cannot get it close enough to the light to show others, or when it is finally put into the light, it is not received in the way one had hoped. Pluto is a highly intense force found in every person’s natal chart. Pluto asks us to merge with whatever it is placed up against; the love life can be all-consuming, a desire to merge souls with another partner, a very intense love life, perhaps attracting Plutonian people themselves to you, or Plutonian relationships. There are intimate love affairs with art, taboo studies, the dark arts, lovers and what they are passionate about. What drives them crazy inside.

Transformation for these people comes through the experience of creation, giving birth, bringing forth life and a start to something in this world for the first time, whatever it may be. Specifically since this house does rule children, having children may be the most transformative experience for someone with this planetary position in their natal chart. There must be caution in being too much of an obsessive parent, though. There can also be common issues involving death of a child, abortion, miscarriages, pregnancy difficulties, a more painful or extended birth than average, etc.

There can be great shame felt for this placement by the ones that possess it themselves, due to the negative responses they receive from others on their work. As mentioned previously, Pluto rules what we have repressed. You must battle your own demons to unlock the true fulfillment of the fifth house in order to reach the joy, happiness, and freedom of self expression you so desire. Figure out what happened in your early life to lead you to repress your desire to create, to preform, to inspire and empower others. What made you so dark? This is when you come to life – not only to yourself, but to others. Your destiny here is to awaken others. Bring what needs to be brought up to attention in front of others’ eyes. It is your calling to bring the buried to surface again.

Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, higher knowledge/education, prosperity, philosophy, ease and freedom. The 8th house is the house ruling secretive matters, joint finances/other people’s money, taboo subjects, death, the things we keep hidden from others, transformation, sex, rebirth, etc.

With such a lighthearted planet falling into this deep, dark and intense house, it creates an interesting dynamic, since Jupiter expands everything it touches. The house Jupiter is in is supposedly said to be a blessed area in our lives, where good fortune is present and ease is given to us. With this particular placement we have an individual that may be very well educated on matters of the 8th house, as listed previously. There can be an intuitive insight to just knowing the right opportunity to make the right move in life, especially concerning money or private affairs.

As you’d expect with Jupiter, there is high optimism wherever it is placed, and in the 8th house, things of the taboo are greeted delightedly. There is generally an open attitude with the things in life people are too afraid to address or talk about. Jupiter here seeks an entirely new understanding of these subjects and fills the inner private life with rich enthusiasm and knowledge, and of course, abundance.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the great teacher and truth seeker. Jupiter in the 8th house may find it helpful, or natural, to help others have a more positive attitude to the dark side of themselves. They are naturally more understanding and well-versed in the darker parts of life, drawing different kinds of people in to be more of a mentor in a way. The individual with this placement may undergo a great transformation in their own personal belief system as well at some point, and may intensely believe in what they hold true to the end. This placement can indicate an individual that became deeply religious or found a personal set of beliefs after a tragic time in their life, or from a near death experience. There can be a tendency of these people to properly utilize their past experiences as the ultimate life lesson and growing experience, learning from their past and incorporating it into their own personal set of beliefs. Experience is what this person lives for, and is known for. There is typically a lot of learning in the occult field, as this is what the 8th house is most known for ruling over. There is extensive knowledge of things esoteric, foreign, underground, disturbing or thought provoking. Death can be the greatest adventure of all for these people, a trip to another realm entirely, filled with untold secrets and more things to learn, things Jupiter thirsts for. The individual remains positively faithful in all times, helpful tools and guidance are, seemingly, always handed to them in the times they are needed the most, particularly regarding matters of the 8th house – most beneficially, finances. Jupiter does rule wealth, and this is always a positive result in the picture, and is not uncommon for someone with this placement to marry into wealth or have the right instinctive drawn to wealth themselves. The person with Jupiter in the 8th house may be a person of good karma.

As mentioned, Jupiter expands and adds to whatever it’s placed in. In the house of sex, there can be continuous knowledge on the topic itself, or the sex life may be something deeply explored, consuming tons of sexual experience or partners in their life. All in good intentions, mostly just for the curiosity and of course, experience. Jupiter’s bright blue light adds just a small touch of life to the house of death, by allowing it to start viewing the glass as half full. The individual with Jupiter here gains from others most of all, they can absorb other people’s knowledge and use it in their own beliefs at times.

Jupiter energy is generous energy, hence why these people tend to have good karma. They are generous with what they have learned through the 8th house and what they give comes back to them in the right way, at the right time.

Jupiter in the 7th House

Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, higher knowledge, and things considered foreign (lands, languages, people, etc). It also rules the sign Sagittarius. The 7th house in astrology is an angular house, one of the most important houses in astrological terms, because it is the house on the same axis as the self (1st house). The 7th house represents the energy and traits we project outwardly onto others, we find the traits that embody our 7th house through others. It can also show the traits of ourselves in which we deny, because the 7th house can also be referred to as the “shadow” house. We don’t necessarily see these qualities in ourselves until another person shows them to us. That being said, the 7th house is also representative of the characteristics that we attract romantically into our lives, as this house rules relationships and marriage. It also rules things like open enemies, legal affairs, and any type of partnerships.

Jupiter loves to learn, explore and wander. This planet adds very Sagittarian traits to this house, attracting fiery, honest, and warm souls on a quest through life, the young students challenging the universe and finding the truth and meaning to their own lives. The person with Jupiter in the 7th exhibits a rich, youthful quality that naturally attracts people to them because of their jovial guidance they project onto others. The Jupiter in the 7th individual may seek after a partner in which they can learn from or teach to, someone that will hold their hand on long journeys across the country and experience life with. Since Jupiter rules abundance, and sometimes over-abundance, there can be a tendency to always want “more” in the area Jupiter resides in our charts. Applying this to relationships/marriages, the native with this placement may have multiple marriages, partners, or much experience or much to offer in this area of life. There is a surge of excellence and divine inspiration when the individual with Jupiter sitting in the 7th house merges with another. They may deeply enjoy being with others, relating with people regularly, being seduced and teased with by others. Jupiter rules experience, the person with this placement tends to have great experience and knowledge regarding relationships, love, partnerships, legal affairs, etc.

Jupiter is considered the greatest benefic in astrology, and we are considered “blessed” in whichever house Jupiter sits in, because of it’s naturally benevolent qualities that ooze joy, wonder and spirit. There can be a talent for resolving conflict and tension, Libra rules the 7th house and rules law, justice, fairness, as mentioned previously, the native with Jupiter residing here may be extremely fortunate in their legal affairs as well. The person with Jupiter in the 7th experiences spiritual and mental enlightenment through others and relationships with others, this is ultimately what they are seeking, as Jupiter is the constant wanderer and truth seeker in astrology. There can be a chance that the person having this placement can benefit greatly financially through a partner.

The partner is typically greatly influential to the chart holder, and they have much to learn from their relationships. Afflictions made to Jupiter can severely averse these characteristics, however. A negatively aspected Jupiter in the chart can result in unfaithful marriages, burdens regarding relationships, attracting many partners exhibiting a “God complex”, someone who promises too much and cannot follow through, a dishonest and lazy partner that expects the world to owe them everything. A positively aspected Jupiter usually results in great popularity with others, honest and faithful relationships, followed through promises, and well-earned life experience and enlightenment through the person’s relationships.

It is common for the chart holder with Jupiter here to be interested in law and legal studies, literature, the fine arts, etc. They can spend time with many people coming from a different background, different cultures, or enjoy spending time in foreign lands among complete strangers, yet feel entirely at peace with oneself. The person with this placement may be an extremely generous soul, constantly giving themselves away to others, while this is as much of a bad thing as a good thing, they must be mindful of their behavior with others. With the optimistic side of Jupiter filling the 7th house with joy, there also comes a type of blind faith in others, where they can expect too much (over abundance) from other people in relationships, and this can obviously lead the individual to great disappointment. Jupiter constantly wants more and more wherever it’s sitting in our charts, this person may be an extremely social butterfly, thriving on social interactions and feeling free to be themselves and bring out the light in others.

Jupiter brings great opportunities in love with this placement, allowing the individual to have many options open at once for a relationship, and provide good luck and a positive attitude when diving into them.


Sun thru the Houses

1H: the first house is the house of the self, and because the sun is representative of the self as well, this is a very healthy position for the sun to be in. this shows the type of person that is meant to put themselves out into the world, and to have a lasting impact on others. the sense of self is most likely pretty strong and associated with the aries archetype, since this is the natural ruler of the 1st house, and mars. this can give the chart holder a warrior like personality, one that must always be more forceful, assertive and able to stand up for themselves. they usually approach life with much vitality, strength and enthusiasm. these people must be appreciated, noticed and acknowledged for who they are. there is a strong desire to feel important and wanted as well, it is important to not let yourself become a tyrannical figure though, as that can be something common and associated with this placement of the sun.

2H: the second house is the house of worth and value, also security and possessions – physical possessions. with the planet of one’s vitality, self expression and ego coming in here, it lights up the part of us that needs to develop outer security and what one values. it is important for these people to learn what gives them a sense of security and fulfillment and not have to be dependent to find it through others, like their opposing 8th house represents. security would typically come through strengthening the ego and self, because that is what the sun itself represents. the individual with this placement must feel secure with themselves, so even if outer security is missing, they will feel an overall safety with life.

3H: the third house is the house of communications, knowledge, speech, and siblings. with the ego and self lighting up this house, the sense of self is derived from what this person knows. they must feel honorable about their own thoughts to feel a sense of purpose in life. they also must feel like they have been heard by others, nothing could be more sad than a third house sun person that is constantly ignored or feels ignored (perhaps if mercury is in the 12th house). these people are hardly ever satisfied with what they know, and are always looking to learn more, their hunger for knowledge is insatiable. there is always a need for this person to get their point or words across to others; through verbal speaking or the written word as well. there could be a talent or mastery of language.

4H: the fourth house is the house of where we came from, our roots, home, family, mother/parents, the deeper part of the psyche, what makes us feel safe, secure and at home. with the planet of the ego and vitality here, the person must feel honorable in the home environment; there is a need for the home to stable in order for this person to shine. imbalances in this environment can severely hurt or impact the chart holder, never to be forgotten. there can be a tendency to over identify with the family and not give yourself the chance to branch off and create a separate identity in your own life. it’s common for this person to have been an only child – the center of the parents’ universe, worshiped by the parents even. creative energy may be mustered up in the home environment.

5H: the fifth house is the natural ruler of leo and is ruled by the sun, so this is seen as a very healthy place for the sun to be in and shine to it’s fullest extent. the fifth house rules leisure, pleasure, romance, casual sex, gambling, risk taking, the general sense of fun, although that is something very subjective and personal to everyone. with the sun here, the person must feel honorable in what gives them a sense of pleasure and leisure. these two things are what the chart holder holds very highly and strongly values. there may be a strong creative force in the individual. the involvement of romance, fun or any theme falling in the fifth house enhances the chance of this person being a participant. however, there can be a need to always be the center of attention as well, especially when endeavoring these “fun” activities.

6H: the sixth house is the house of labor, daily routine and health. with the planet of the ego and vitality, there is a tendency for the overall sense of self to derive from work/service and one’s own general health. there is a need and constant motivational factor of improving the self and finding ways to be better at what ever it is they do. self imperfections or insecurities are always heightened here, because the ruling sign of this house, virgo, is highly critical and picky, especially of themselves. there is always room for improvement and fixing everything to it’s best ability, virgo believes. since this house rules one’s general health, with the sun here the individual must have a respectable relationship & honor their own body. there can be self-neglect because of the primary focus being of service to everything else but themselves. the sun here must learn to efficiently balance out their daily life and the self, realizing there can be nothing without their self anyway.

7H: the seventh house is the house of others, partnerships, marriage, open enemies. with the sense of self, ego and vitality coming to light up this house, the person must feel honorable in their relationships with others. however there is a common tendency to have a poor sense of self and vitality because the ego is so closely associated with others, rather than the self. they find themselves through others. relationships and partnerships or social interaction of any kind give them subtle clues to who they are more so than when they are on their own. this can be the type of person that does not ever want to be alone by choice, because of this fear of feeling completely lost within the self. it is true though, that they do need to be involved with people or others in some way.

8H: the eighth house is the house of privacy, intimacy, transformation and the occult. the sun represents the self, vitality and ego, so naturally when this comes into the eighth house, the ego and self seek personal transformation through acts of intimacy, occult studies or pushing themselves extremely hard to test their limits in life, and possibly find a sense of rebirth through doing so. this person pretty much yearns to feel emotionally connected to and bonded with something, there is an extremely intimate outlook on life. everything is profound in the eighth house, this person can be extremely wise and insightful because of their deep, complex dynamic make up, mostly because of their fascination with all things that are hidden from the public’s eye, their investigation of the inner workings of the self and others, as well as rather taboo subjects, can pay off rather well.

9H: the ninth house is the house of beliefs, higher knowledge, travel, foreign lands, and philosophy. with the sun, ruler of the personality, ego and one’s own vitality, there is usually an experimental nature towards one’s own belief systems – the individual can usually try out many throughout their life, until one fits their personal moral system the best, and which they must find honorable enough to expand and grow from. the individual with the sun here may view life as a voyage, a soul search or some type of pilgrimage. this person can be very concerned with the bigger picture and tend to neglect the finer details to their life. there can be an eternal wanderlust and desire to constantly grow internally and mentally; these are very acquisitive people. this is a common placement indicating visionaries, gurus, religious figures, spiritual practitioners. the self is designed to find inspiration through growing and developing the self more, and passing this inspiration on to others through their own beliefs and knowledge, as well as life experience.

10H: the tenth house is the house of one’s reputation, how one is perceived through the public eye, the persona, the career and one’s achievements. when the planet of one’s ego and personality, also vitality comes in the 10th house, there is a strong desire to be admired by others and recognized as someone. the sign of the sun specifically will give more clues to what it is exactly the person wants to be admired for. there must be an honorable relationship with one’s professional achievements and reputation. there can be a dependence on a parental figure for acknowledgment, or an inheritance to enhance the chances of acknowledgment. the person with sun in the tenth may over identify with tenth house matters and have a hard time forming a separate identity with any other part of themselves.

11H: the eleventh house is the house of social groups/dynamics, organizations, clubs, society, humanitarianism. when the planet of one’s identity and self comes in this house, there is a direct association of the self with whatever they are associated with. there can be direct association between the self and friend group, this is who they are. or what cause they believe strongly in. this person may be vastly involved in many different groups or organizations, and an interest in spreading their knowledge. the identity here is strongly linked to a higher cause than themselves. the self worth, worst case scenario, is derived from groups or friendships. relationships with friends, groups and organizations must be felt as honorable and secure through the individual with this placement.

12H: the twelfth house is the hardest house to describe because we do not truly know what is in there…generally it’s the house of the subconscious mind, the “back of the brain” where things are not commonly thought about or acknowledged, or seen. its the house of dreams, mysteries, escapism, illusions, sensitivity, spirituality…everything. it’s where things go to dissipate. it represents the things that are hidden from us, as opposed to the things we hide from others – it’s entirely unconscious in it’s workings, and extremely hard to describe or pin down accurately. with the planet of the ego, personality and vitality coming into neptune’s domain, the ego is washed away and dissolved. the boundaries between the self and outer world are extremely thin, these people are very sensitive to energy. the conflicting aspect of this placement is that the twelfth house is the furthest house from the conscious mind, and the sun itself is an extremely conscious energy. the individual with sun in the twelfth must learn to properly blend the workings of the spiritual realm and the things that cannot be seen, with the outer, more tangible realm. the ego is comfortable in spiritual practice, solitude and being of service to others. there is a fear of others not accepting them for who they are, so its more often than not that the individual with the sun here hides themselves from others and only comes out when alone. the sun here is easily tainted and colored by other energies and is felt the strongest when alone or secluded from others or things that may drain its energy. the sense of self is fogged and blurred by neptune. the ego must feel honorable in it’s spiritual views, acts of service and time alone. the uncertainty of the self that these people feel is what causes them to fall into the depths of depression or sadness. they can feel overwhelming guilt just for being who they are and expressing themselves, because there is some obligation they have to be there for others, and avoid ever being seen or felt as selfish.


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**afflictions of the sun must be taken into consideration as well, as that can severely alter some of these characteristics. 

Crystals/stones helpful for each sign…

Aries: Fire Agate: stimulates the sacral chakra, favorable for sexual endeavors. enhances vitality throughout the body. encourages one to think before they act; deepens capability for rational reasoning and resolution. can help eliminate destructive behaviors, and helps to realize the harm one has committed. helps mellow you out, putting out the raging fire inside an Aries that can build up.

Taurus: Bloodstone: this stone helps avoid dangerous situations and promotes courage. it enables the user to use strategic plans to make their way through life – Taurus is known for being very practical and strategic-minded, perfect for this sign. being an extremely down to earth sign, Taurus as well as the earth element in general is very present at all times; they are not very spacey individuals. this stone assists in acting in the present moment, keeping this sign even more grounded. it also helps ground the heart energy, reducing frustration, anger and impulsive behavior stemming from one’s own emotions. it reduces feelings of impatience. this stone is also perfect for the fixed sign Taurus – a sign known for being highly resistant to change – because it assists in helping one adjust to unaccustomed situations, scenarios or circumstances. this will help Taurus find comfort – which they need – in any situation they come across.

Gemini: Blue Kyanite: this stone stimulates the throat chakra; promoting self expression through verbal communication, something Gemini excels at and values highly. they are the sign of communication, after all. this stone encourages one to speak the truth, and powers through any blockages made against the throat chakra. it’s excellent for public speaking. it can fight through confusions, delusions, illusions, frustration and stress. increases capacity for learning and logical thinking. weaves the higher mind into casual conversation. this stone heals the voice and throat.

Cancer: Lepidolite: cancer is a highly emotional and sensitive sign ruled by the moon. they need stability and security/safety in their lives, and lepidolite can provide this for them by emitting feelings of high serenity and diminishes any hostility present in the user or around them. cancers can become too defensive when they feel personally attacked, they can put up metaphorical walls around themselves too. lepidolite can diminish the need for this kind of behavior. cancers notoriously hold grudges and have a hard time letting go of the past as well; this stone aids cancers in the direction of using past experiences as lessons to be learned and grow from. this stone helps emotional healing and brings back balance into one’s emotional state and life. lepidolite also brings guidance from a higher power, and can help create a oneness with spiritual matters.

Leo: Orange Calcite: this stone stimulates the sacral and root chakras. it brings joy into one’s life, something Leo needs, they are ruled by the Sun in astrology after all – they must shine and let themselves be noticed for their positive contributions to others. this stone boosts one’s vitality and will power, and encourages energy to those that feel lethargic or dull. this stone can improve one’s natural instincts and prevent emotional impulsiveness – something fire signs may suffer from. this stone can overcome depression, removes fear, and maximizes one’s own potential, stimulating growth and stardom – something Leos dream of.

Virgo: Moss Agate: brings abundance and wealth. helps intellectual people or people living more in the mental realm have easier access to their intuitive insight and sensitivity, perfect for Virgo – a sign ruled by the most mental planet, Mercury. this stone improves self-esteem and releases fear, worry, and anxiety – all things Virgo deals with most often. inspires new ideas, projects and promotes self expression through verbal communication. can help get one out of a depressive state. Moss Agate assists midwives in their work; those of service to others – like Virgo most commonly finds themselves to be.

Libra: Ametrine: libras tend to suffer the most out of any other sign in the zodiac from indecisiveness, the fear of making the wrong decision, the fear of looking too selfish or not making the choice that will benefit another. Ametrine is here to get rid of those blockages in the mind and encourages the user to make the divine decision with a clear mind on the right track. this crystal clears stress and confusion. it aids in harmonizing one’s thought process and actions. it aids in creativity as well – a sign ruled by Venus might benefit from. libra is the sign of relations and partnerships/relationships, and ametrine actually enhances compatibility with others as well as acceptance. this stone can help libras take control over themselves and their own life. ametrine is a combination of amethyst and citrine – two very powerful crystals.

Scorpio: Labradorite: stone of power, transformation, can enhance will-power for the user. mends and weaves intuitive & intellectual thinking into one; ruling over the throat chakra, aids in empowering others and the self. uplifting and can help lead one out of the darkness in life; fights one’s fears and blockages preventing one from living joyously. prevents one’s own energy from leaking out, helping Scorpio keep their cool and private self in tact when they need it to be. can help ground spiritual energy and raises consciousness.

Sagittarius: Celestite: sagittarius is known as the teacher, voyager, the explorer. celestite is commonly known as the “teacher for the New Age”. this crystal sets one on a voyage for self-discovery, enlightenment, and attracts good fortune; like the sign sagittarius itself and its ruler, Jupiter, the “luckiest planet/sign in the zodiac world”. sagittarius’ might experience difficulty in relationships because of their permanent wanderlust, this crystal can soothe relationship dysfunction by miraculously sending the user down all the answers they need, by also stimulating spiritual and guide contact. this crystal brings inner peace and calms restlessness of the soul while also urging openness to new experiences. celestite cools firey emotions too, and sagittarius is a fire sign after all. this crystal sharpens the mind, improves the intellect and aids in analysis of complex ideas. promotes mental balance between intuition, intellect and instinct – fire signs summed up.

Capricorn: Anhydrite: this crystal helps bring structure, support and strength physically. capricorn and the earth signs rule the physical realm and all things that are tangible; this crystal aids in feeling protected and guided to their highest purpose. this crystal can also help fearful capricorns – capricorns tend to suffer more in silence – that are afraid of death, the afterlife, etc. it can help people that have trouble coming to terms with troubling things, help relieve and promote calmness in one’s life involving grudges, lies, daily life troubles, etc. it helps bring acceptance in one’s life and for what tomorrow may bring – and we all know capricorn is always concerned about how their actions today impact tomorrow and their future overall.

Aquarius: Fluorite: aquarius is a very futuristic sign, one that is known for being very ahead of its time – associated with technology as well. fluorite is effective against electromagnetic stress, and blocks geopathic stress. the stone is associated with progressiveness, just like aquarius is. however, aquarius is a fixed sign – sometimes too stubborn in what they think or believe, luckily fluorite is an aid that can dissolve fixed behavioral patterns, it brings suppressed feelings to surface – being an air sign, aquarius can intellectualize their own emotions and suppress their feelings. fluorite can help immensely. air signs love to learn and take in new information, and fluorite organizes information coming in to be processed, it aids in concentration and helps weave what has already been learned to what is currently being learned. it can promote quick thinking as well – and we all know aquarius is known for their lightning bolt ideas and thoughts. this stone can help aquarius look at the bigger picture and not get so caught up in one thing. it aids acceptance, open-mindedness and dissolves illusions.

Pisces: Angelite: this stone is formed from celestite; which I applied to the sign sagittarius. I believe these two signs are linked, mostly because jupiter also co-rules pisces; filling it with the faithfulness this sign is known for having. angelite helps us be more compassionate, speak our truth, and accept the things that cannot be changed. this stone gives off a strong feeling of tranquility, and is used by many healers because of its ability to enter spiritual realms and allow spiritual contacts to come down to the user. pisces is a very spiritual sign and this will give them a better sense of purpose and self overall. this stone helps understand more complex and logical facts. this stone helps us stay in the reality we know presently while entering other versions of reality.

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How to Heal with Healing Crystals

Most people become very interested with the use of crystals right off the bat; mostly because of their very diverse beauty and decorative properties. What they might not know is that all crystals have healing properties, and can do very good for yourself if used in the right way. Of course, just having them around can help, but neglecting to cleanse them or be aware of what they truly can do will only limit their potential.

When I’m being asked about healing crystals, most people don’t know where to start or they genuinely just don’t understand how they work. I’ll do my best to create a guide here to help you find a starting point and help you better understand what crystals can do for you.

Crystal Healing

Healing from crystals comes from resonance and vibrations. Crystal healing has been around for thousands of years, and is used in some medical practice today. Some can heal physical ailments, most commonly headaches and swelling, others help bring an inner peace and balance, on a more quiet and sedative vibration. Crystals are piezoelectric, which means that electricity is produced through compression, basically crystals can produce sound/light waves and vibrations. These have been used in many healing techniques globally. Crystals are generally used to treat blockages in the body, to stop or deal with pain, or to create calmness.

There are crystals that can be used for different parts of the body to alleviate stress or pain. For example, for a stomach-related problem, moonstone, citrine, or green fluorite can be of service to that kind of problem. For headaches, try lapis lazuli or amethyst placed on the brow or forehead. Research specifically your need and there is a crystal to help.

Crystals heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. They are used to realign energies and bring an internal balance to one’s aura or energy field. They’re used to prevent or remove blockages in one’s aura or chakras.



plural noun: chakras
  1. (in Indian thought) each of the centers of spiritual power in the human body, usually considered to be seven in number.

Crystals for each chakra:

Crown Chakra: clear quartz, selenite, moonstone, howlite, apophyllite
Generally white, silver & clear stones.

Third Eye Chakra: amethyst, purple fluorite, lepidolite, purple argonite
Generally purple or indigo stones.

Throat Chakra: blue kyanite, blue lace agate, blue calcite, sodalite, angelite, blue chalcedony
Generally blue stones.

Heart Chakra: rose quartz, green fluorite, pink tourmaline, pink chalcedony, rhodochrosite, aventurine
Generally pink or green stones.

Solar Plexus Chakra: citrine, yellow calcite, yellow jasper, carnealian, yellow/gold fluorite, tiger’s eye, yellow apatite, yellow topaz
Generally yellow or gold stones.

Sacral Chakra: carnealian, orange calcite, orange quartz, jasper, amber
Generally orange stones.

Root Chakra: black obsidian, smoky quartz, black tourmaline, garnet, black onyx, hematite
Generally black, gray or brown stones.

*Obviously more apply to each, but these are just the basic general ones that stimulate each chakra. 

By finding which chakra needs the most healing, or which you’d like to heal personally, you must reflect and be honest with yourself to come to a real decision.

Methods for Working with Crystals

Wearing Crystals is probably the most common and the easiest way to work with them, but they must be cleansed more often. Wearing them as a necklace or in a pouch works the best for most people. Crystals are more effective if they are actually touching your skin, so holding them in your hand or wearing them around your neck might be the best way to go here.

Sleeping with Crystals is another common one. Keeping them under your pillow for those that have trouble sleeping, or wish to remember dreams, or have more vivid dreams may be very helpful. Keeping them on a nightstand near your bed is also another way to sleep with them. Amethyst, moonstone and howlite are very effective stones for protection while sleeping, to help with insomnia or trouble sleeping, and to have vivid/prophetic dreams.

Bathing with Crystals is another helpful and common way to heal. Some crystals cannot be put into water though, like moonstone and selenite, because of their natural properties, so be wary and informed on that before ever bathing with them. Some can even become toxic. The basic idea behind bathing with crystals is that your bath water can become more energized by them, thus improving and increasing your healing time.

Crystal Meditation is perhaps the most common next to wearing them. It’s one of the easiest ways to become more attune to your crystal and feel it’s purest energy. By holding the crystal in your hand(s) or in front of you. Breathing gently, letting the air flow in and out of you. Envisioning a ball of energy in front of you or surrounding you depending on what crystal you’re using can be helpful during this process. Make sure you’re in a quiet area preferably alone, with no distractions. Noticeable signs of crystal vibration is throbbing in your hand(s), tingly feeling, heat/warmth, etc.

With softly focused eyes, look at your crystal. Notice its color, its shape, its weight if you are holding it. Feel its vibrations passing into your hands. Allow yourself to wander within the crystal, exploring its inner planes. When you are ready, close your eyes. Quietly contemplate the energies of the crystal and let it teach you about itself.” – The Crystal Bible, Judy Hall

How to Cleanse Crystals

Put them out under the full moon, new moon, or under any phase you’d like or intuitively feel is right for them. Paying attention to the moon’s phases will help you better decide on what time is right to charge which crystal, depending on the traits of it and what you will be using them for. If you don’t want to or can’t leave them out overnight, 5-15 minutes is okay too. If you cannot actually see the moon, but it’s full, your crystals will still get the energy and be charged. Even if it is cloudy, rainy, etc. The full moon is the best, most effective time and safest way to cleanse any crystal.
Sunlight is cleansing too, but certain crystals cannot be left out in sunlight or they will fade. Examples of these crystals are: Amegreen, Amethyst, Ametrine, Apophyllite Green, Aquamarine, Auralite, Celestite, Citrine, Fluorite, Hiddenite, Kunzite, Opal (will dry out), Prasiolite, Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Super Seven, Topaz, and Turquoise.

Some crystals do not even need to be cleansed at all, these are Citrine and Kyanite. Sometimes you can even use other crystals to cleanse others, like Amethyst and Clear Quartz.

Alternative methods of cleansing are: rainwater. Place your crystal(s) in a bowl and let them sit outside when it’s raining or during a storm. The ionic charge cleanses crystals very quickly and efficiently. Ocean water works well too. Let them air dry.
Hold the crystal(s) in your dominant hand and channel your energy through to the crystal to charge it. 5-10 minutes should be good.
Like I mentioned earlier: some crystals cannot be used in water, so be informed.
Place them in a garden/where you keep your plants, or resting on the soil with the plant(s). 2-4 hours should be good. 

Sage and incense. Hold your crystal to the smoke and let it bathe in it. Use your intuition to be able to know when they are done. You’ll just know.

It is ideal to charge and program (getting it attune to you, it’s purpose and universal need) as soon as you get the crystal. It will remove any strangers energy from it and make it yours only. Programming a crystals means to establish its use into the universe. You will decide what you want this crystal to do for you and how it will benefit you. Intuition is key here.

Where can I buy them?

Googling local metaphysical or crystal shops will give you an idea of where to look in your area. If there are none around you, the most authentic and safe online places to look are and Please avoid shopping for crystals on websites like amazon. Looking around on Instagram for sellers and crystal enthusiasts is also another really good way to purchase some crystals of your own.


It’s important to do your own research on crystals you’re interested in buying before purchasing them. Learn what you need to improve or balance within yourself and go from there.

Recommended websites/books for crystal information:

The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Change Your Energy by Krista N. Mitchell

Moon in the 8th House

“When a person has his natal Moon in the 8th house, his mind can transcend to the outer realms quite easily, making it possible to manipulate energy for magical use. There will be a constant battle between darkness and light in the native’s mind, as the Moon here will many times express its dark side.” – Free-spirited Mind

The 8th house is a water house ruled by Pluto and Scorpio. It’s the house of secrets, intimacy, sex, death, inheritance, joint finances, taxes, repression, things we hide from others. The moon is the planet of our emotions, feelings, coping mechanisms, habits, what makes us feel safe and secure, and the mother in our lives.

Having the moon in such an intense house creates a very sensitive individual. We typically neglect the fact that Scorpio itself is a very sensitive sign, we see it as the warrior of the water signs, this is because they are notorious for repressing their true feelings because they cannot risk feeling vulnerable to others. But deep inside, they feel things as such a high intensity it can be extremely overwhelming. This applies exactly the same to an 8th house moon person. These people are deeply and fixedly in tuned to the undercurrents and vibrations around them at all times. They are extremely insightful and profound people, with the ability to see within others and perhaps know them better than they know themselves.

The moon rules our sensitivity, and the 8th house rules all things considered taboo, occult, psychic, sexual, abusive, traumatic; 8th house moon people are deeply sensitive and feel a strong familiarity within these things.

The 8th house moon individual has an innate desire to merge completely with another. They want to know someone body, mind, and soul. They can become deeply attached to people and it takes them a very long time to recover from pain of the heart, love consumes these people completely, intimacy is what they need out of life to feel safe and secure. Loss may not be a stranger to the person with an 8th house moon, but nonetheless, it is very painful to these people, perhaps for that reason.

Since the moon in astrology rules one’s mother, the person with an 8th house moon’s mother may have been someone highly secretive, possessive, obsessive, maybe even abusive. Since the 8th house rules sex, perhaps the mother was involved in some kind of sex work. Something taboo-related. If the moon is positively aspected in the chart, there is a possibility for an inheritance through the mother to the chart holder. The 8th house represents what we inherit from our ancestors and past generations; this is a placement that is most likely to be affected by their ancestors, sometimes it’s said they can still feel or see them although they may not be around anymore. They have an eye for the supernatural and is is not uncommon for these people to experience paranormal instances. Since they can inherit things from past generations, the qualities we say that “skip” a generation may effect these people. They could inherit all sorts of things, addictive tendencies are most common.

Since the 8th house is mostly unconscious and affects us more so in the background of our lives, or in private, the 8th house moon person experiences powerful complexities below the surface of life. They may feel they personally deal with more than the average person on a daily basis, and it’s safe to say that they definitely do. This can be considered a very volatile placement for the moon to be in. In astrology, the moon is in it’s fall position (“worst” place) in Scorpio, and in the 8th house it takes on the same qualities; hard to express emotions, fear of vulnerability, and difficulty openly relating with others, although they feel others on every level internally.

Those with an 8th house moon may feel strongly compelled to explore the darker themes in life, and to psychologically probe themselves and others. They are exceptionally skilled at investigating, uncovering secrets and mysteries, and sensing other’s motives immediately. It’s hard to fool these people or get one past them, they are usually always aware of everything happening around them. It’s hard for these people to trust others, they keep their own feelings almost completely under wraps. It’s hard to get to know them really, but once you do, it’s a very touching and profound experience. Consider yourself someone special if an 8th house moon person has opened up to you, you are a rare one, and someone they will never forget about.

This moon position can sometimes express itself through extreme jealousy, obsession, hatred, manipulation, and most likely depression. The moon is sitting in the dark most of the time here, being fueled by the Pluto’s drive at all times. Though that is not all there is to this moon placement; that’s not all there is to Pluto and Scorpio. When vibrating at it’s highest degree, these people are gurus, mystics, intuitives, psychics, excellent healers, detectives, and spiritually inclined people. They exhibit a very strong will power others may never understand or fully grasp in their lives.

Emotional peace and comfort is reached through intimacy and sexual expression for these people. These people can feel extreme guilt for things regarding the mother, and carry around her burdens throughout life. They can feel guilty for a lot actually, for feeling on their own especially. These people may be very self-sufficient though, carrying the world on their backs, not willing to accept help from anyone else. They may only blame themselves when things go wrong, or be unwilling to change to make things better, because they are unable to see a brighter side to anything. Asking others for help or needing nourishment from others can be a fear of these people, they are scared of their emotions ending up in some kind of power struggle with others, since the 8th house rules debt, they may feel like there is a feeling of “owing” another person for emotional help or guidance, or that they owe the other person for helping them, also stemming from feelings of guilt.

By keeping their feelings so secretive and private, these makes them more extreme for the person overall. They can become extremely uncomfortable giving and receiving due to their “emotionally unavailable” persona they put out, because their own emotions can make them feel guilty, burdensome, or afraid. This creates a very strange dynamic being that they crave intimacy and soul-merging relationships, but are too afraid to put themselves out there to find it. The only way out is looking within, and they must learn being vulnerable is part of human nature; it is not to be feared or looked down upon, but something to grow and learn from.