Taurus & Cancer: Soulmates of the Zodiac

“I will tell you where they are…they are already in their home under the ground, a very delightful residence…”




Taurus & Venus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love. In astrology, Venus is known for it’s rulership of love and money. But that is a very shallow and superficial take on this planet. Venus actually rules what we value, take pleasure in, and what our sentiments are. Venus is what is commonly looked at in terms of compatibility, since it does rule what we look for in love and expect. Venus can also show how and where we spend our money, and what we spend our money on, in terms of leisurely items of pleasure. Venus is all about the pleasure in life, which leads us the negative side to Venus and the sign it rules, Taurus, which is an overly self-indulgent nature. Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac, introducing us to self awareness and our possessions. Venus and Taurus both rule the 5 Senses: Taste, Touch, Sight, Scent, and Sound. The Venusian soul prioritizes a life filled with comparability and all things that can greatly appeal to these 5 Senses. A typical Venusian’s ideal life is being surrounded in candles, rose petals, velvet sheets, a restaurant style meal, and sweet & soft music playing in the background. Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Fixed as in, they stubbornly cling to ideas, materials, and people. Being an earth sign, Taurus seeks physical and tangible results. They are primarily concerned with the here and now. Earth signs are the most “down to earth” element. They are sturdy, reliable, and practical individuals.


Cancer & the Moon

Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which is considered a planet in astrology, although it is also considered to be a “luminary” with it’s other counterpart, the Sun. In astrology, the Moon is associated with emotions, intuition, and inner security. It is representative of our deepest personal needs, our initial reactions, and the unconscious part of us. Cancer is the first water sign, leading the zodiac into it’s emotional component. In life, Cancer seeks for emotional security; they need to feel safe. Cancer relies on their emotional intelligence, intuition, and feelings to guide them through life. They believe in the importance of emotions. Being ruled by the moon, Cancers tend to have a very moody and fluctuating reputation. The moon is constantly changing in our sky every 2.5 days; one sign to the next, one phase to the next; taking it’s toll on the Cancerians on earth. Because Cancer seeks emotional security in life, they constantly cling to things: people, objects, and the past (cancer rules the past). Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Cardinal as in, they are the initiators of the zodiac. They use their emotions as a kick-start to new projects, ideas and adventures in life. Being a water sign, Cancer seeks emotional and meaningful results. Water signs are known for their high intuition, sensitivity, and empathetic souls. They are the most influx signs of the zodiac, constantly waxing and waning with the moon, flowing and ebbing with the tides.


Taurus & Cancer: Soulmates?

Taurus and Cancer both share many similar attributes. We have two signs here that are both very concerned with security. Cancer is concerned with inner security, while Taurus is more concerned with outer security.

Cancer seeks to reach inner security, and to have that feeling of permanent safety. Cancers feel things at a very volatile and reactive level. Cancers, being the Mother of the zodiac, must learn how to take their loving nature they share with others and beam it towards the self, on their path to reach inner security, and not let the tides of the Moon cast them out too far at sea. Cancer seeks a “rock” to keep them stable, someone that is understanding of highly reactive and sensitive emotions filled with psychic activity. Cancer reflects the moods around them; just like how the Moon reflects the sunlight in the night sky.

Taurus strives to plant themselves and bloom in a comfortable and safe environment, surrounded with the things they value the most, to keep them at ease. Being an earth sign, Taureans enjoy having a solid foundation for everything to grow on. Having a reputation for being too materialistic, they find their love in the materials they own. The feeling of silk and velvet is much more valuable to them than most things. What the Taurus owns is where they derive a part of their identity from, being surrounded in luxury is what makes them feel safe. Even if they are feeling particularly not at ease emotionally, admiring the beauty of their surroundings will immediately bring them back to an internal equilibrium. What the Taurus seeks is someone to admire this with them and to bring them home-cooked meals once in a while.

Bringing Cancer and Taurus together is a reunion of two home-loving, sensual souls. They work in harmony together, in their own private retreat. The combination of Taurus and Cancer brings out the gentle side of both signs. Both signs are conservative; they prefer to keep things the way they are, and can be resistant to change. This trait is even more evident in Taurus, being a fixed sign. Taurus’ calm, slow, gentle and steady nature soothes the emotional and highly reactive Cancerian soul. Taurus is the calm in the center of the storm for Cancer. The soft, gentle nature the two signs innately have and bring out in each other result in deep, intimate moments shared together, appreciating the little things in life, bringing them both mass amounts of joy. They may even tell each other they feel like soulmates.

A negative aspect to a Taurean-Cancerian relationship is the inclination to oppose change at all costs. They may really love to keep things exactly as they are. Which is fine, you know, some of us really live for the change experienced in life and others prefer to remain still. This can be a great fault for this pairing, though. They may live such a routine-based life together that,

a). Boredom can begin setting in,

or b). Opportunities or other great things life has to offer can pass them by quicker than they imagined. They may think they have it all with each other, but this is only them being blind to reality.

They may never want to depart the nest they have created together, where all their precious moments have been shared together. It is imperative for this pairing to see that change can, in fact, be a good thing for the relationship. Periodic change will do them no harm, in fact they may even enjoy the relationship more than ever before. The nostalgic pairing of Taurus and Cancer can cause the two to be so reflective and yearning for the past that they decline moving forward. This is an extreme case, of course, but nevertheless, is a possibility.

Every partnership, regardless of zodiac signs, has amazing potential and heartbreaking downfalls. Taurus and Cancer initially have similar attributes and expediencies. They both expect the same from relationships, and will show each other the sweeter side to their overall personalities. It is imperative to examine the rest of the chart when establishing compatibility between two people; synastry charts are even more so recommended. If the Cancer and Taurus pairing is a blend of Venus in Gemini and Venus in Cancer, it may not be as harmonious as described. There are many contributing factors when pairing two people together, but solely as archetypes, Cancer and Taurus appreciate one another and function to their highest potential when together, and may even seem better together than they ever were apart.


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