Moon in Libra: Emotional Love Potion


The moon entered Libra yesterday at around 8:42 PM, which is very fitting for it being Valentine’s Day. Being a lunar Libra myself, I feel this moon placement can be greatly misunderstood at times – more so than people may think.

Libra moons seem very hard for people to understand, and I think most people just tie them in with stereotypical Libra traits, being ruled by Venus especially. They mostly get being “superficial” thrown in their face a lot. Libra is ruled by Venus; the planet of beauty, harmony, and love/affection. Naturally those with moon in Libra value these things very much. But there is obviously more to them than just caring about avoiding conflict and finding the beauty in everything they see.

Libra also rules the 7th house of relationships, marriage, open enemies, lawsuits, etc., making them very diplomatic people. Libra moon individuals are highly concerned with their relationships, specifically their intimate/romantic relationships with others. The moon represents our needs and what makes us feel secure and nurtured; this is what relationships provide to Libra moons. This, however, gets so twisted and hyper extended that it leads to people saying that these people cannot survive without relationships and become manic without them which is just simply false. It very simply just means that they take their relationships seriously and will avoid sabotaging or causing conflict within them by all means. Libra moons are very considerate people too, they just do not like wasting their time. They put their input in when they feel it is needed and will provide benefit to the other person as well as themselves. Remember Libra is the scales (balance). If the Libra moon feels their input would be a waste of time, or the person simply would not care, they will keep it to themselves. Being treated with respect and dignity is a need for a lunar Libra in relationships, followed by consideration. Exhaustion can begin setting in for these people without the awareness of equality and justice in their relationship. Lunar Libras deeply take into consideration every factor around them; especially the people, so if this is not returned to them, it can result in being deeply hurt. Libra acts as the mediator in most situations, finding the middle ground and staying centered. This however can play out as one of their biggest challenges; making affirmative action. They so badly do not want to disrupt the balance of things, rustle any feathers. It can become increasingly hard for a lunar Libra to make decisions because of this.

Libra moon individuals experience pain on a high level at times as well, which fluctuates a lot (remember, scales). They go from anger to peace, up and down. They must be able to see the lasting impact of the decision or what has hurt them in order to make sense of it. They believe the world is made up of cause and effect, give-and-take backs. Moon in Libra individuals are also very idealistic and dreamy people, making this a very creative and artistic placement for the moon. They usually are avid readers, finding peace and relaxation in words that speak of fantasy. It’s important for these people to have relaxation time and think it is much needed to take time out of their day in order to prepare for the next. However, they can experience disappointment greatly due to their fairly high and sometimes unrealistic expectations of others, a majority of the time, when it comes to relationships. They can find themselves roaming their fantasy world full of eternal equality, fairness and justice, with also beauty and grace.

The Moon in astrology represents our needs and what makes us feel safe overall. It also represents home to us, the Moon is dignified in the 4th house of Cancer, the IC (Imum Coeli). Imum Coeli directly translates to “bottom of the sky” in Latin; this is where we retreat, it is our base and foundation, what we were raised in, how we like our privacy. Libra, ruled by the Goddess of Love and Beauty, needs a safe, quiet, and beautiful place to clear their mind. I wrote previously in my last article that the typical Venusian’s ideal setting is surrounded in candles, rose petals, velvet sheets, a restaurant style meal, and sweet & soft music playing in the background. For Libra, their fingers intertwined with a lover may complete the piece as well.

The great misunderstanding for all Libra placements is the common “passive” characteristic they are labeled with, very frequently. Let us not forget that Libra is a Cardinal sign, one of the initiators of the zodiac. Libra being a Cardinal sign shows us that not all leaders are authoritarian, aggressive, assertive, or highly demanding; leaders can be bringers of peace, tranquility, and love, which is what the Libra desires the most. Libras are also notorious for the “mirroring” or mimicry skill they innately have. This stems from the true desire to please others, they can shape-shift to meet other’s needs. Moon in Libra individuals can experience a poor sense of self at times due to this as well.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, there is an innate concern for society as a whole. This is where Libra’s desire for peace can stem from as well. Lunar Libras may be artistically inclined as well, having an extremely cerebral and poetic view of life. Words form intricate webs of beauty and fantasy, promising love and acceptance. These tend to be individuals skilled with their words. Most celebrities with this moon placement are usually involved socially and artistically; they’re opinions on both are typically well known to the public. For example, Leonardo DiCaprio: he is an environmentalist, extremely considered with climate change and improving our nature’s condition. He is also an amazing actor, very well recognized for this as well, which is his artistic inclination; film. Alec Baldwin is another good example. Being an Aries sun, he enthusiastically and directly express what he believes politically (you’ll find most lunar Libras are more leftists as well), but also artistically involved in film and acting. There is usually a *balance* between the two.

Above all, moon in Libra people are highly romantic, idealistic, considerate, and fair people. They believe in the promotion and spread of equality and fairness more so than anything else in the end; and love.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber & Walt Disney, natal moon in Libra

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