Venus Retrograde: 3/4 – 4/15

Venus enters a retrograde period from March 4th to April 15th 2017. Venus seldom goes into retrograde, as opposed to planets like Mercury. It can be slightly uncommon to see a birth chart with natal Venus in retrograde due to this. The planet of Love goes into retrograde every 18 months, for not an extended amount of time.

In this case, Venus will be retrograde in Aries for a little over a month.

What does retrograde mean?
Retrograde is derived from Latin, meaning “backward step”. When a planet enters retrograde, it looks like the planet is moving backwards instead of forwards from our perspective on earth. Astrologically, during a retrograde period for any planet, the planet(s) are felt on a more internal, deeper level. Retrogrades are a time for re-doing, re-thinking, re-evaluating. Many people that are not well-informed on planetary retrogrades can see this and fear it, as if their life is doomed and coming to an end. There’s no reason to panic; the retrograde is giving you a cerebral vacation and time off to think more deeper into your decisions. It’s not a death sentence.

Venus Retrograde (natal & transit)
Those born with Venus in retrograde may approach relationships more seriously, but indirectly. The constant worry and overthinking when it comes to relationships and financial matters (Venus also rules money and what we value) may eat them alive in the end. They can go as far as being emotionally disconnected from others, feeling a great emphasis of being misunderstood in daily life. They may not care much at all for material possessions; but can possess an amazing artistic ability. Venus is spiraling inside these people and working inwardly rather than outwardly; it is feeding their soul from deep within. Socialization is not taken so lightly with this present in the natal chart. There can be a shyness to this person, some awkwardness, and possibly not the greatest self esteem. They value love almost more than anything else; but it can also be their biggest downfall as well. The love life of a natal Venus rx can be somewhat private and hidden from others, and very secretive. There can be a slight tendency of this placement to engage in self-sabotaging relationships, relationships can be their self-undoing. With a person that takes relationships so seriously, it plays a very large role on their trusting nature. It can really make or break a natal Venus rx when it comes to their own relationships. Their beliefs and moral systems are typically not of the norm of society; not traditional.

There are usually lists you can find online about what not to do, and what to do, during any planetary retrograde in astrology. Truthfully, a retrograde should not stop you from living your life and pursuing what you want to.

During a Venus retrograde however, it is a time to re-examine and re-evaluate what we own, love, and value. it is a common occurrence for older lovers/friends to somehow come back into your life. Getting a text from an ex when transiting Venus enters retrograde should not come as so much of a surprise; this is a period of re-thinking things, and Venus represents love and relationships, so most will be re-evaluating personal decisions made in this aspect of life. Drastically changing your physical appearance is another thing widely considered a mistake during a Venus retrograde; haircuts, plastic surgery (except for corrections), etc.

Wherever Venus is going retrograde and stationing direct again is an important thing to take into consideration, this is where the retrograde itself will impact you directly.



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