Moon in Scorpio: Lost in You

“The truth will set you free…”


“Obsessive” is a common term we associate to Scorpio and any planets found in Scorpio. It is true that this sign can be obsessive, but it is in their nature to dive deeply into things; they don’t know any other way than to completely submerge themselves into everything. They don’t give “half” of themselves away; its all or nothing with moon in Scorpio. You either get them fully or not at all.

Scorpio and the 8th house represent hidden things, but unlike Pisces and the 12th house, you will find in the 8th house and within Scorpio what we are choosing to hide, not that the things that are unconsciously hidden from us. Naturally, moon in Scorpio natives find great comfort and safety in privacy. A great and well-known fear of moon in Scorpio is vulnerability; their heart is wrapped in barbed wire for the fear of letting anyone come to close and impale or lacerate their soul that they keep so well contained.

It is imperative for moon in Scorpio individuals to surround themselves with people that can understand their intensity. The lighthearted and superficial will do nothing for these people, except get pushed away. A need for moon in Scorpio is to be able to speak of the truth, taboo, and more “socially unacceptable” topics without feeling they must hold a part of themselves back for fear of the reaction of the ones surrounding them. Moon in Scorpio needs to hear the truth, always. They would much rather be hurt by the truth than find out they were lied to.

Moon in Scorpio has tremendous healing capabilities; but it is unlike Piscean or Leo healing, done with love and affection. Moon in Scorpio healing involves self empowerment through facing the truth. They teach others that the truth will set you free, and they are right. They take others fears and throw them in their face, as a way of making you stronger. The Scorpio archetype can be represented by the phoenix rising from the ashes; transformation. This is the Scorpio superpower, to transform and regenerate themselves, coming back stronger than ever through their past experiences and feeling so intensely.

Moon in Scorpio people can be natural born psychologists, born with the innate ability to probe others’ psyche and psychoanalyze their company, providing a diagnosis for those they come in contact with. Sigmund Freud, the “father” of psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychology, was born with a Scorpio ascendant and 8th house moon. His studies usually show us how the human condition is intensely created, and how it can revolve around our sexual nature and drive, believing this controls us a great deal in life. He is just one of the many great examples of Scorpio influence.

I mentioned obsession before, relative to this placement. It is true that moon in Scorpio souls can become highly obsessive with others; particularly those they are in a relationship with. They believe in the merging of two souls to create one, the highest level of intimacy possible. They do not take this lightly whatsoever. Though, they can lose their sense of personal boundaries for themselves and their partner and eventually become the enemy themselves. Moon in Scorpio can easily become lost in another person, they can become very invasive with others. Paranoia can begin setting in, and false accusations. Scorpio always has their guard up, and like their animal representation, the Scorpion, their stinger is always ready as well. These people, while highly intuitive, tend to always expect the worst out of any situation, which can potentially hurt their partner. The darker side of this placement is the need for control of their surroundings and others, and being highly possessive. This can result in moon in Scorpio not respecting others’ needs, which will only truly hurt them in the end.

Scorpio’s animal representation, the Scorpion, uses their senses to interpret their surroundings. By feeling the vibrations beneath the ground, they can sense when prey is near or when they must retreat. The sign of Scorpio functions very similarly to this. Moon in Scorpio is highly intuitive and this skill is usually very well developed. They are usually very good at being able to tell when something is going on beneath the surface, and can easily accuse others of lying to them when it isn’t brought up directly straight away – they can be sometimes inconsiderate and highly suspicious of others’ motives because of this. Their partner, friend, whoever it may be, just simply may not be ready to say anything yet – like I said, Scorpios tend to expect the worst out of any situation, and having their guard up makes them feel safer. It is very unlikely you will lie to a moon in Scorpio and get away with it, they will always know. Water moons are the best at being able to detect when something is false or untrue/insincere.

It’s important for moon in Scorpio people to remember that they are not the only ones in life that get hurt, or have been hurt before. They are constantly regenerating themselves, rising from the ashes again and again, transforming. Moon in Scorpio can be extremely stubborn as well; Scorpio is a fixed sign, let us not forget. They can sometimes convince themselves that what they’re doing is the right thing to do, or it’s the realistic thing to do, but this is only a defense mechanism. They feel they are in a constant battle against life. But it’s important for them to realize that there are others that feel the same intensity they do, though it may be hard for them to believe.

James Dean, natal moon in Scorpio

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