Moon in Aquarius: Simplicity Misunderstood

“Aquarius must, in some manner, zigzag. It’s their empathy with the symbolic Uranus lighting. Everyone knows lightning never follows a straight line, so how can one expect a man who is under its influence to do so himself?”

Linda Goodman

A common misinterpretation of the astrological moon in an air sign is that there is a lack of emotion, or feeling. This is obviously false; we all feel, we all have a moon sign, the moon represents our feelings. The difference is how we all feel, and what the cause is. Air signs specifically get a bad reputation for being too detached, too objective and insensitive. While this may be true, let’s see how the most notorious sign for emotional detachment goes about feeling.

The element of air relies on logic and communication to express themselves. Their minds are not clouded with emotion like water or fire signs, blocking them from making rational decisions. In fact, air signs may see themselves as being better than that; letting emotions take over their thinking process. Air signs use words, spoken or written, to express how they are feeling or what they are thinking. They love to think, they love to exchange words with others and have their ideas bounce off of one another. This is what they look for, but also, independence. Air signs are much more lighthearted and flighty than lets say, water signs. An Aquarius and a Scorpio might find that they have not a lot in common; besides the fact that they form a square to each other, providing even more tension and conflict. Anyway, air signs flee when they feel there is too much responsibility being held over them by another person, especially when they believe it’s unnecessary. The way to seduce an air sign is not by promising commitment and eternal love; it’s by opening their mind even just for the night. The way to their heart is through their brain.

Let’s look at the Aquarius archetype itself. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, and it is the water bearer. Commonly mistaken for a water sign, it is far from that. The Aquarius’ archetypal purpose is to nourish the people of the world with their knowledge and innovative ideas. This is a very humanitarian sign, and it is the opposing sign to Leo; the self-centered sign. Aquarius is concerned with the conscious collective and how to improve it. The sign rules brotherhood, technology, the cosmos, science, astrology, etc. It’s a new-age sign. Being fixed, Aquarius can be very stubborn and cling to their ideas, though they are very tolerant, it doesn’t mean you will change their mind with what you say, they will just accept your insight for what it is. Aquarius is focused more on platonic relationships, they function better in more friendly-type relationships with others, and tend to be very well known in the sphere of popularity. There is sort of a genius-like quality to Aquarius; ideas and insight comes to them in abrupt bolts of lightning, and like their ruling planet Uranus, it’s usually shocking.

Moon in Aquarius

The lunar Aquarian’s true heart desire is to always have the freedom to be themselves. They are usually very unique individuals. Whatever it is they want to be, they want to be accepted for and have the freedom to do so. They’re not the type of people that would do well under strict expectations or restriction. Aquarius is not always overtly rebellious as opposed to what some may seem to think, they simply just take pride in being an individual and having their own ideals in life.

Moon in Aquarius never wants to feel pressured to “feel” by others, they’re not ones to fake how they feel or pretend. This moon can tend to intellectualize their feelings, making it seem to others that they are just insensitive. They tend to over rationalize their feelings as well – living more in their brain than their heart. The detachment skill to moon in Aquarius, and air signs in general, can be very beneficial in situations when a third party input is needed. The detachment enables them to look at situations objectively, stepping away from any emotional bias, and giving a more intellectual, realistic approach.

Moon in Aquarius likes to live freely and come and go as they please. They don’t like expectations being put on them or restrictions; feeling tied down is not something they tolerate well. In love, this moon sign prefers to still keep their independence while in any partnership, platonic relationships included. They enjoy connecting with others, since this is the sign of humanitarianism and brotherhood, but they like to be able to pull apart and still remain individuals at the end of the day, not clung together and threaded with dependence on one another. Acceptance for this moon in any kind of relationship is a must, or else it most likely will not last very long.

Moon in Aquarius doesn’t want to be contained by anyone or anything else; they want to spread and be free. A moon in Aquarius person with their freedom and individualism stripped from them can become a very melancholy soul, coming from their co-rulership from Saturn. Emotional responses are generated through logic and fact rather than teary eyes and broken words. You will never be able to force this sign into something they’re not, they can never be molded by the carved placements of others’ expectations.

cmmooninaqua Charles Manson, natal moon in Aquarius


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