Moon in Capricorn: It Gets Lonely at the Top

The archetype of Capricorn is typically “The Wise Elder”. Capricorn is known for it’s hardworking, committed, and determined attributes. Being the opposing sign to Cancer, the moon is in detriment in Capricorn. To put it simply, the moon is uncomfortable in Capricorn. Emotions and true feelings can be held back and repressed.

The moon is also representative of the mother figure in one’s life. In this case with moon in Capricorn, the mother figure could have been described as hard-working, rigid, not emotionally expressive, and independent. It could swing to the other extreme, being the opposite of all those things, which called upon you to be the nurturer of your own parent. Moon in Capricorn individuals usually had to “grow up” or mature much faster than most, there was usually many responsibilities and/or expectations called upon them starting from a younger age. Emotional expression may have been denied, maybe it was expected of the lunar Capricorn to just “suck it up” and be strong. The mother also may have been emotionally neglectful, not tending to the emotional needs of the lunar Capricorn child. It was therefore acceptable to become emotionally rigid and suppression of feelings became normalized starting from a young age. Moon in Capricorn can become greatly uncomfortable being placed in an emotional setting, or being relied on to provide emotional support for others, since sensitivity is usually somewhat low for these people. They are most of the time very slow to open up to others. They usually feel that emotional connections and intimacy with others result in rejection, something unfortunately Saturn [ruler of Capricorn] brings.

Making a Capricorn in general feel warm and fuzzy inside seems even challenging to the native themselves. Like all earth signs, they respond well to respect, dignity, and acknowledgement for their achievements. Respect and dignity goes hand-in-hand for a lunar Capricorn. This moon sign’s self esteem revolves around tasks that make them feel useful, and anything that can give them a feeling of self respect. This is mostly where the characteristic trait of being so ambitious comes from for this sign. Any Capricorn placement wants to feel capable. Capricorns are excellent planners, and are very structured people. They prefer to have a thorough plan for things, and are typically very good at doing this. They’re excellent at coming up with ways to manage things and make things work. They’re very acknowledging of the consequences of not only their actions, but others’ as well.

In love, the moon in Capricorn individual will want to feel that they are respected by you, but mostly, they want to know they are respected. They seek a relationship where the maturity level is relatively the same. Capricorn placements usually like older partners, age-wise or mentally. They like to be able to learn things from their partner so they can constantly feed their desire for self improvement and heightening their capability levels/self worth. Overly clingy, showy, or possessive partners will definitely throw these people off. They prefer independent relationships, where both partners can function without each other, and knowing their partner can be reliable. Moon in Capricorn people may seem like they have high expectations for others, not only in relationships, but friendship wise too. They naturally seek others that have the same or more maturity and reliability that they do, which can unfortunately be very hard to find in a very imperfect, careless world. They are left feeling disappointed frequently because of this. Due to the lack of emotional awareness in these people, they are naturally more autonomous and prefer a relationship to not be so rocky. An overly emotional partner may prove to be a difficulty for someone with this moon placement.

Moon in Capricorn has learned how to deal with their own problems starting from a very early age, so they usually take it upon themselves to fix themselves. This makes it hard for others to know when they’re hurting. Despite being emotionally closed off, these people can hurt and feel deeply. Emotional suppression can really build up in a person. There tends to be more alcoholic or substance abusive lunar Capricorns than most would believe, when there are much more “obvious” or stereotypical placements for this, like Pisces. It’s hard growing up in a perfect world when you’re not perfect, is how lunar Capricorns can typically feel. They may have the impending feeling that they are not doing enough, or worse, that they can’t do enough. These people can hold off on their feelings for so long, drowning in tasks to keep themselves occupied, that they can simply forget to feel entirely. This may result in not knowing how to prepare for sudden emotional blows, or even just engaging in emotional connections with others. Intimate relationships can become something extremely difficult for one with moon in Capricorn, feeling burdensome, but even worse for their partner. Providing with acts of service is excellent, but providing emotionally can be much more important. It gets lonely at the top; success and achievement mean little to someone when they are feeling so lonely inside. Human and emotional interaction is a need, even for those with moon in Capricorn – perhaps even more so.

Being on the same axis as Cancer, it is important for lunar Capricorns to know how to expand their emotional intelligence. Relating emotionally can definitely be a hardship of these people. The constant need for self improvement and drive can be their self undoing; forgetting their own feelings and feeling the constant pressure of [usually not real] expectations put on them will only damage them in the end.

Amy Winehouse & Brad Pitt, natal moon in Capricorn

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