Neptune in the 7th House: Devotion & Deception


The Seventh House in astrology is representative of marriage, partnerships/relationships, others, open enemies, etc. Every aspect of life having to do with these is found in the Seventh House. Libra rules this house, as well as Venus, it’s a very social and people-oriented place. Neptune is the planet of illusion, escapism, sensitivity, empathy/compassion, spirituality, fantasy, transcendence, etc. This planet tends to dissolve boundaries between the self and others; making this a very difficult position to have in the Seventh House [of others].

The Seventh House can show what we are projecting on others, but what we are denying within us. Someone with Neptune here may not realize how much of a gullible or naive person they are, until they are shown it from another [usually their partners]. An individual with Neptune here is usually seeking some form of otherworldly, ethereal love that completely transcends reality. They are typically searching for someone to “save” or to be saved by another. The boundaries between the self and others are very thin and easily poked through, their highly porous sensitivity can only hold so much.

Neptune in the 7th House people can idealize and romanticize things that should not be idealized or romanticized. Wherever Neptune is in the natal chart, a complementary pair of rose-colored glasses are included, and there is always a sense of false hope. We can always see things that aren’t truly there wherever we have Neptune in our charts. There are flooding ideals and fantasies when it comes to romance and relationships with this placement. There is a need to seek out their soulmate, or twin flame, such topics will be of great interest to the chart holder with Neptune here. The native with this placement has a need for overpowering, transcending, consuming, incomprehensible, emotionally rich relationships with others. Neptune in the 7th House can attract the damaged souls of the world, in their need to save another from life itself. They can attract the alcoholic, substance abusive, emotionally unavailable, depressed, those with shady pasts, victim-types, criminals/notorious types, or the unstable/mentally ill. They cradle the wounded in their arms of promised salvation and love. I’ve said previously that those with Neptune here are the most likely to develop Wounded Bird Syndrome or Stockholm Syndrome. Neptune residing in the Seventh House results in the chart holder falling in love with the idea of a person, and not the actual person themselves. They can imagine a fairy tale-like love with someone, and feel utterly betrayed, hurt and ultimately disappointed in the other for not matching up with their unrealistic expectations. These people can fall in love with qualities in a person that aren’t even there to begin with. The chart holder with Neptune in the Seventh House sees love as the solution to life’s heartache and struggle, the one cure to suffering for all. These people can be easily taken advantage of due to their naive, empathetic and self-sacrificing nature. They will always find an excuse for their partner’s suffering, and will be blind to even the face of evil sitting in front of them if it is in the shape of their lover. Flaws are disregarded and accepted; the promise of unconditional and irrevocable love is present always in these relationships. They refuse to let anyone crush their romantic delusions about their partner or relationship, they can indulge in harmful relationships, falling into the hands of abusers with the intention of taking advantage of their vulnerability and desire for love and spiritual connection.

Neptune and the 12th house represent the self-undoing, and wherever Neptune is represents that for the chart holder. In this case, relationships can be the native’s self-undoing. Neptune is sacrificial and selfless, they may give too much of themselves away to another person to help raise their spirits, while diminishing their own. So much energy can be put into maintaining such a fantasy relationship that it can cause great disappointment in the end when all efforts were proven to result in failure, and the native can fail to remember their own needs and wants, due to providing so much for their less fortunate lover. Love isn’t going to save everyone, not even yourself – a message those with Neptune here need to learn. People can only be saved if they want to be. Catering to their addictions or self-inflicted wounds will only make you a doormat for them. But they cannot help it; love is the ultimate drug for Neptune here. They’d rather not face reality than deal with it crashing down around them, remaining blind is better than feeling the pain of heartbreak.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces; a sign that feels obliged to be of service to others. With Neptune in the house of others, there is a strong urge to involve themselves in some sacrificial manner to their partners. Relationships with this placement are deeply complex and transformative. There is a magic to these people, to others they seem like the ultimate source of love, protection and eternal acceptance, with gentle hands bringing them in, whispering promises of salvation in their ear. Relationships have a direct impact on the native’s soul, churning it to the magical rhythm of their imagination and dreams.

Those operating on Neptune’s higher vibrations may find themselves involved with spiritually awakened partners, like visionaries or gurus. They may attract artists, musicians, poets/writers, soul-searchers, or inspirational types. The Neptunian dream in the Seventh House wishes to get lost in a whirlpool of cosmic love and transcendence, making love is making art to them, sharing dreams together and living together as one in the soul. A part of the chart holder’s soul resides in every past lover of theirs with this placement. Love is intoxicating for the Neptunian descendant [seventh house]. Their vulnerable soul seeks to merge with another, and reach salvation through the love they share.

There may be a great interest in social work, psychology, teaching, therapy, or the arts with this placement – there is a great interest in others, and their deep compassion and empathy, as well as rich inner world/imagination, will do them well in fields like these. With a badly aspected Neptune, since the Seventh House rules lawsuits/others, there can be a scapegoating pattern – since these people can be easily deceived and taken advantage of for their kindhearted nature – and trouble in legal affairs may occur in their lifetime.


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