Moon in Gemini: I Think, Therefore I Am

The archetype of Gemini is the eternal student. Gemini is a very acquisitive sign for mental stimulation and learning; they are the messenger Hermes in Greek mythology. There is a permanent thirst for knowledge, gathering new information through experiences with people, books, and whatever else they can get their hands on. Gemini is a mutable air sign. Meaning, this is a very logical sign, that relies solely on communication, and can easily adapt to new situations. What better qualities to have as the eternal student of the zodiac? By being a mutable sign, and very easily adaptable, it is easy for them to soak in new experiences and information spreading widely across the spectrum of life; social groups and cliques don’t have an influence on them, they are chameleon-like, similar to Pisces, enabling them to fit in with a broad range of others, once again, feeding their thirst for new relations and conversations.

Gemini rules the 3rd house in astrology, the house of communication, thinking, cars/vehicles/short distance travelling/transportation, and siblings. While Cancer typically gets the reputation amongst the zodiac for being the most family oriented, Gemini can also fit in with that characteristic. They can be widely active in the home and with siblings, incorporating them in their lifetime studies and experiences.

The moon in astrology represents our needs as a person, what satisfies our soul. As stated previously, gaining knowledge through communication, people, and new experiences do just this for lunar Geminis. This is a sign that enjoys knowing about everything, but not as in depth as a water sign would be interested. They prefer the big bold letters and taking in the words written on the page, not in between the lines. This is a rather quick-thinking and moving placement as well; they can be very scattered and forgetful because of this. The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, the closest planet to the sun. Mercury is also the fastest moving planet in our solar system, and this is evident in Gemini. Lunar Geminis may be excellent procrastinators or skilled at multitasking. They’ll listen to what you have to say, and probably be very interested in how your day went, while they are doing three things at once from across the room. Still attentively listening, though.

Lunar Geminis enjoy experimentation in life, and tend to do most things just out of sheer curiosity. There is a childlike quality to Gemini, and a permanent youthfulness residing in their soul, they may grow older but inside, they remain the same active child, eager as ever. The moon represents the home, and lunar Geminis might prefer to have an active home life, or not to be home as often. This is usually not a placement frequently found in more introverted types. The typical Gemini home can be pictured as bookshelves in every room, overflowing with novels upon novels [probably non-fiction], an encyclopedia left open on their bed from the night before, and with papers scattered about.

I mentioned before that Gemini is a mutable sign, meaning they are very adaptable and restless, forming easily to any environment they’re put in. Due to this quality, moon in Gemini can have a mimicry ability. They can pick up on others mannerisms or qualities and adopt them as their own. All occurring in their journey for new experiences through others, gathering new ideas and perspectives. The sign of Gemini is the Twins, a duality, there are two forces pulling together in the unconscious (moon), making them feel as though there are two sides of them, or two unconscious forces pulling them in different directions.

The ongoing chatter of the lunar Gemini can easily be disguising a soul that is longing to be recognized for their own ideas. Most with this moon placement seem too scattered and their minds work too fast for others to process, and this may be the case for the native themselves, not knowing how to put their ideas down on paper because they fly by too quickly. The joys of being ruled by Mercury, and belonging to the air element. The lunar Gemini rarely remains fixed on the same topic for long, before jumping to the next more interesting subject. There’s a detached yet cool manner about these people, making them very suitable for superficial friendships or casual relationships, and more than likely have many people they call “acquaintances”. Small talk can be a specialty for these people, jumping at any opportunity to have a conversation with another, even if it is brief.

The way to a lunar Gemini’s heart is through their mind. You must arouse their need for communication and knowledge. These are typically very clever and intelligent beings. Feeling heard, understood, acknowledged and given feedback are all main factors for the lunar Gemini in relationships. This moon placement does not enjoy routine, they are constantly seeking new and refreshing experiences. Renewal and someone that can embrace change with them is heavenly for them. Someone that can keep their mind occupied and refreshed on a daily basis is a necessity for a lunar Gemini.

Moon in Gemini is a common placement for comedians or actors, even authors/poets. Air signs have a mystical talent for the written and spoken word, skilled with articulating new sentences, phrases and prose. There can be difficulty in concentration, making it hard for them to settle down and remain focused on one task at hand, keeping constantly busy can be a sort of coping mechanism, air sign therapy. Emotions and feelings can be expressed abruptly and in unvaried intervals. It can be hard to keep up with such an adaptable, free spirit like the lunar Gemini at times. Most of them still have the same twinkle in their eye as they did when they were 15, never losing sight of past knowledge acquired. They typically remain youthful in appearance and spirit even as they age, gaining knowledge from new generations to come may even seem like an exciting new journey for them, encompassing all things a lunar Gemini loves: learning, new experiences, and change.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Barack Obama & Jim Carrey, natal moon in Gemini

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