Moon in Aries: Emotional Battlefield

Aries is a sign known for it’s assertiveness, passion, and in some cases, aggression. Being ruled by Mars, the planet of aggressive energy and drive (sexual and motivational), this can manifest in a very volatile place for the moon to be in. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it’s a cardinal sign, meaning it is one of the initiators of the zodiac. It also kicks off the Spring season. Aries is the most childlike sign, it rules the physical body as well. The sun is exalted (most powerful place) in Aries, making it’s will-power and sense of self extremely strong and very present.

The moon represents our emotional nature, what we need to feel safe and secure, and our initial reactions. As stated before, Aries is a very childlike sign, seeming more “innocent” than others. Having the moon in this sign can show emotionally immaturity at times, there is a tendency to sometimes be overly sensitive, easily offended and overly defensive. Mars/Aries archetype is The Warrior, there is a guard up at times, protecting the chart holder’s emotional and inner world. These are people that are highly protective of loved ones, and fight to defend them at all costs. There is a loyalty to moon in Aries. They are very capable of being lighthearted though. There can be a tremendous emotional strength, and always a willingness to fight for what they believe in, making them sometimes very decisive individuals. Short tempers are frequently evident in those with moon in Aries, but fortunately, anger for these people typically is ignited and erupts very quickly, and is gone almost as quickly. Grudge holding isn’t something these people are known for.

Those with moon in Aries are usually very independent people. You will probably not find these people leaning on others for a sense of purpose or for any favors. They see themselves as leaders, and tend to be very accurate in that judgement. They do have excellent leading qualities, as stated before, this is the archetype of The Warrior. Aries placements can be shamed on for being too blunt or direct, and they can be blamed for being “impolite” to more sensitive signs. This is just how this sign works. Moon in Aries types aren’t ones to beat around the bush, they will be direct with what they want and how they want it. They’re truly more simple than most people think. It’s just a matter of them being with others that can understand this. Naturally, moon in Aries people appreciate others that are this way, too – bold, direct and daring.

Some faults of this placement can be the impulsiveness Aries’ have. Since the moon rules our emotions and feelings, these people can be too emotionally impulsive, not being able to think ahead because their emotions can cloud their reasoning abilities. Fire signs are very emotional and passionate, but this can sometimes get too carried away. In relationships, moon in Aries individuals need to be able to feel secure in being able to say what’s on their mind, and not feel as if they will be shamed for it. They will not do well with the overly sensitive partner, or overly clingy. They are very passionate, loving people, but they like their independence too.

Moon in Aries experiences raw, volatile and even explosive emotions. They nurture others through providing them with the courage they need to keep moving through the hard times, which we can all be a little more thankful for sometimes. An Aries moon’s directness and boldness is truly inspiring to more timid signs, and can show others to not be afraid of  who they really are, and to be more independent/confident in themselves. Many people that have this placement are known for taking charge somehow in whatever field they’re in, because of their natural leadership abilities. Moon in Aries feels comfortable taking the role of a leader or being in control. There can be a very ambitious side to these people as well, they are gifted with the emotional drive of the Ram, believing anything is possible if enough work and energy is put into it.

Many claim that Aries placements are selfish. This can be a result of the sun being exalted in Aries (mentioned before). The sun rules our vitality, ego and persona, what we want to be recognized as and appreciated for. Aries naturally has these qualities embedded in them. This can be a selfish sign, but they are not always looking out for themselves. In love, they must learn how to be more compromising and willing to see things from both perspectives, which they can have trouble with due to their highly emotional nature. This moon placement must learn to be better at taking others more into account and thinking objectively, more from a third person view, instead of letting emotions cloud their thought process.

It is important for the moon in Aries individual to stop being so focused on being seen as the independent one, and seeking praise for this, and focus more on giving others the confidence they need to be independent and praised for it.


Angelina Jolie, Rihanna & Ellen Degeneres, natal moon in Aries

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