Moon in Pisces: Emotional Undoing

Water is the element of emotions, psychic energy & intuition. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, encompassing all the qualities of the signs before it. Pisces rules the feet, and it’s walked in every sign before it’s shoes. Pisces is the Fish, swimming in the ocean depths without outer protection, like Cancer or Scorpio (shell & claws, stinger). This makes them very exposed to external influences and sometimes overly exposed. Pisces is a mutable sign as well, making them extremely adaptable and formable to new situations & experiences, this makes them even more so influenced and easily swayed by their environment.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter, making this a very spiritually inclined sign. It rules the 12th house, the house of the collective unconscious, the things that are hidden from us/what we reject in ourselves, karmic debt, prisons/hospitals/asylums, etc. Neptune is the planet that dissolves boundaries between the conscious & unconscious, between two souls. This gives Pisces an unclear sense of self, they may feel like they can’t truly “find” themselves or they cannot express their true personality outwardly. They identify with the beings and vibes around them.

The moon represents our emotional needs, our home, mother, upbringing, what makes us feel secure & safe, how we feel & cope with our feelings, etc. With the natal moon in Pisces, there can be a tremendous sensitivity and compassion for the suffering in the world. This moon sign can experience unawareness of personal boundaries, easily stepping past them and finding themselves lost in trying to “fix” “save” or merge with another person. They’re more prone to manipulation and deception by others due to their highly compassionate, naïve nature. It may seem as if they live life while wearing a pair of rose colored glasses, they tend to overlook the flaws in others and things and gloss over them with what they want them/it to have instead. They can experience a profound disappointment when they realize that the world isn’t as perfect as they want it to be, and are let down when their idealized expectations of others are not met, simply by the other person just being human. There is a martyr and victim complex found in this placement, they may have a hard time recognizing that what they did wasn’t necessarily the right thing to do, or that they brought it all on themselves. They may project this onto other people, thus wearing the mask of the victim. Moon in Pisces individuals may experience deception and delusions in regards to the mother figure in their life. They may be delusional or blind to who she truly is and may describe her as who they idealize her to be, good or bad. The mother could have been very Piscean herself, maybe suffering from some kind of addiction, illness or may just be a highly sensitive/spiritual/healing individual just like her moon in Pisces offspring.

Moon in Pisces, as said before, have an immense compassion for every soul and being. They’re the type that, instead of just throwing something out, will try to find a way to donate it to a greater cause; they find their sense of self through service to others, and need to feel needed. In relationships, moon in Pisces needs a partner that can provide a realistic (but not harsh) approach to life and can provide a source of stability for the self unaware fish. These people do like a certain amount of fantasy in a relationship, they enjoy playing around with unrealistic scenarios in their head and will be too worn down, exhausted, and depressed when reality expects too much of them, or when their partner is too harsh/blatant when it comes to dealing with the here and now.

Pisces is the escape artist of the zodiac. When things get too rough for these people, or they become too overwhelmed, they can resort to methods of escapism to cope. This sign is typically associated with substance abuse. They may use drugs or alcohol to take them away from the harsh reality they find themselves in and bring them to where they really want to be. Of course, there are many healthy methods of escapism, such as sleep, art, music, writing, even just going for a walk or watching television can be used as escapism. Moon in Pisces has the potential to indulge too much in these escapist tendencies though, which can be very maladaptive and dangerous overall.

Moon in Pisces excels at presenting themselves as who they think others want them to be. Being a mutable sign, this comes easily and naturally to them. They’re also a water sign, having no form and being able to form to any shape they are poured into. It may be hard to pin down who these people are due to this, their personalities seem to be very influx and malleable. Solitude can be very beneficial for the moon in Pisces, alone time enables them to tap into themselves and become introspective, seeing themselves for who they really are, without outside influences altering or swaying them any further. It’s rare the moon in Pisces is at an internal equilibrium due to this, the oceans’ currents are constantly moving within them.

It can be hard for moon in Pisces to let go of their unrealistic expectations or visions of how they wish the world to be, so relationships can be proven disappointing or unfulfilling for them at times. They are let down frequently by others, the ones not matching up to the Pisces moon’s compassion and sensitivity – it’s hard for them to accept that there is evil in the world. They may feel personally betrayed by these “let downs” – although they have no right to feel that way, they’re placing the blame on someone else of disappointing them when they were literally just being a human being, flaws and all. Flaws can be hard to grasp and/or accept for the moon in Pisces. While they are very understanding, tolerant and accepting, they still want the unattainable in people. It’s all part of the Neptunian fantasy they are equipped with innately.

Pisces gets it’s faith in the universe from it’s co-ruler, Jupiter, and it’s sensitivity and compassion from Neptune. Romantically, those with natal moon in Pisces can forgive and forget too easily. It’s not a good thing to hold grudges, but sometimes boundaries need to be established. Pisces, however, doesn’t know boundaries, making this a difficult concept to grasp for them. Easy going and smooth relationships are the ideal for this sign, unkindness hurts moon in Pisces immensely. They require some time alone and to wander in their own imagination, so a partner that can understand this is imperative. It’s also imperative, however, that the moon in Pisces doesn’t settle for less than what they are. They have the tendency to play the savior in relationships, and being attracted to the addict, alcoholic, mentally ill, etc., and spend the entire relationship trying to “fix” this person. Again, all part of the Neptunian illusion and compassion. Pisces’ ideal match is someone that can bring them back down to earth and show them that reality isn’t so bone-crushing and heartbreaking, but it can help them establish and build upon their dreams, rather than totally destroy them. This sign needs someone in touch with their own feelings as well as others, most of all. Emotionally cold or reserved partners will hurt this sign greatly.

Moon in Pisces greatest flaw is fleeting situations when they become “too much”, or giving themselves away to others to toy with – with the best intentions. Pisces must learn to gravitate back to earth, and see things for what they truly are, maybe with the help of others along the way.



Kanye West, Edgar Allan Poe & Martin Luther King Jr., natal moon in Pisces



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