Moon in Cancer: Guarded Heart

Cancer is the sign of the mother, mystic, sensitivity, empathy, and nurturing. Cancer is also the sign of the crab. Crabs have protective outer shells, guarding their soft and mushy inside. Crabs tend to immediately withdraw back into their shells immediately at the sight of conflict. Cancers also work in this way, they are introverted creatures with a need for solitude. Cancers are more timid, shy and hesitant people, they only come out of their shell when their environment feels safe enough to do so. They have a guarded outside so they can protect their highly sensitive and soft inside. Cancers are also highly connected to the past, they can easily get caught up in nostalgia and false promises of the past. Cancer can be a very traditional sign, and are usually very connected to their home roots, the mother figure especially. Whether good or bad, the Cancer was deeply influenced by the mother figure, more so than anyone else in their life.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon in astrology, making this the dignified placement for Cancer to be in. The Moon feels at home in Cancer; that is something the Cancer moon (also cancers in general) prioritizes: feeling at home. Home is something that resonates strongly with the Cancer moon individual. It doesn’t have to be a place, but something that gives them a feeling or sense of being at home, safe, and secure. Whether it’s a person, place, book, movie, old item from their childhood, etc., it is still considered home for these people. The Cancer moon person may have experienced fluctuations in their home life, being that the Moon is constantly fluctuating itself, waxing and waning. They crave stability because of this constant fluctuation. However, once they finally achieve this stability, they may not want it anymore, because it’s not something they find they’re used to. This can apply to having Moon in the 4th house as well.

Moon in Cancer people feel the happiest when they can nourish, nurture, protect and love something. Whether it be a person or not, it is something you strongly desire. Moon in Cancer people need emotionally security and stability in their life, or they will find themselves to feel a part of themselves is missing, or they can be very unstable. Cancer itself is a sign that is prone and notorious for their moodiness, and this is more evident when someone has the Moon in Cancer in their natal chart. The Moon in our sky is constantly waxing and waning, changing every 2.5 days, and being ruled by the Moon, Cancers are deeply affected by this. They are changeable people, yet a Cardinal sign. And can be rather Fixed in their ways… all goes to show you how changeable they really are.

In relationships, the Moon in Cancer individual really appreciates sentimentality and gentleness. Harshness can be deeply offensive and hurtful to this person. It’s rare to meet a Cancer moon person that can handle overly direct people without getting their feelings hurt, or immediately retreating back into their shell. These people are very cautious and hesitant to express their true feelings to others, and open up to another person. It can take a long time for a Cancer moon to fully unravel themselves, even after months or years together, you can still find yourself discovering new things about this person. They are just overly cautious and timid people. Moon in Cancer people are the type to always remember your birthday, your favorite everything, and just about everything else. Cancer is known for their amazing memory, they tend to associate their memories with the emotions behind them, making it very personal and subjective. They tend to remember the vibes or emotions of the environment at a given time.

The Moon reflects the sun’s light in the night sky, and this is similar to how the Moon in Cancer person reflects the emotions and vibes around them in any environment. Rather than absorbing these feelings, like Pisces, Cancer reflects them. The moods around these people are very important, Cancer moons or Cancerian people in general should be careful to be aware of this and not surround themselves with negative energy, as this can deeply impact their overall emotional health. Cancers do have a tendency to retreat or withdraw when they don’t feel safe. It’s hard for these people to let go of things as well, they are also known for holding grudges. It’s hard for these people to just forgive and forget, and accept that not everyone is as sensitive and compassionate as they are. Moon in Cancer people may not be as self sacrificing as they think, though; they are primarily concerned with their own emotional safety and well being, sometimes neglecting others by withdrawing for too long, and forgetting about their loved ones and how they feel. Rather than sulking inside your shell, think of what you can do to make others feel safe, secure, and emotionally balanced. Use your innate motherly instincts and nurturing qualities to help others feel the way you seek, and maybe it can rub off on you too. It’s hard for the Moon in Cancer (or Cancerian person) to not take things so personally. Their point of view is very subjective, as mentioned before, and they are very intuitive people. Their minds can be very clouded with their emotions, making it hard for these people to form logical, rational and/or intellectual opinions or explanations. This is more evident though when Mercury is in Cancer as well in the native’s chart.

The Moon in Cancer individual must learn to not be so concerned with their own needs and wants, and focus more on making others feel as safe as they want to be; they are typically very good at this as well. It’s important for them, also, to learn how to trust others more readily, and not be overly hesitant to express their feelings. Being too closed off or reserved can result in others perceiving you in an opposite way than you want to be perceived, and you may not be recognized for the kind, soft, and caring soul you really are, unless you show this side of yourself.

Kurt Cobain, Drake & Robert Pattinson, natal moon in Cancer

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