Moon in Taurus: Comforting Soul

Taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by Venus. Being an earth sign, Taurus is naturally reliable, down to earth, and practical. With their fixed modality, this makes this sign somewhat stubborn. They stubbornly cling to their ideas, possessions, and people too. It’s not easy to get a Taurus to give up, they’re always in it for the long haul. They’re the Bull, they have much endurance and patience. Being ruled by Venus, Taurus can get somewhat materialistic. Taurus rules the second house in astrology, the house of our possessions, money, the tangible, security, and our self worth. Taurus is a sign that greatly appreciates the simple things in life, that make them feel good and warm inside. Though they do very much appreciate beauty and subtle extravagance, different from the type you’d naturally associate with Leo – Taurus is not as flashy or outgoing. Happiness to Taurus is something that stimulates their senses, good tastes, smells, comfortable and familiar surroundings…

The moon represents our basic needs rather than wants, it’s also representative of our feelings/emotions, our first instinct/reactions, and how we cope with our feelings. With the moon in Taurus, these people tie themselves down to the simple things in life that provide them with a sense of security, pleasure, and comfort. This placement prefers things that are more special to them than others. Moon in Taurus’ wants reflect their needs, and they prefer naturalness in their environments, natural comfort and stability. Things that are too fast paced or pushy can make them feel very uneasy. Taurus’ down to earth and solid center keeps them grounded and feeling secure in tough situations though. Having tremendous patience, these people are good to have around in tough times.

Going back to Taurus being a fixed sign, this perhaps may be the most evident quality about this sign. Taurus is very resistant to change, as all the fixed signs are. It takes Taurus a while to build a solid foundation to blossom upon, and being as patient as they are, they probably did wait a very long time. Taurus naturally is a very slower moving sign, appreciating their work and craftsmanship as they progress slowly. Signs like Aquarius or Gemini would finish building a house after months, and by then have already planned a completely new setup, and want to tear it down again, starting from the ground up. This is something that would enrage a Taurus moon. Above all, the Taurus moon individual just wants to feel secure in their setting, and free to do as they please.

The moon is exalted in Taurus, making this a very potent and rich placement for the moon to be in. The nurturing qualities shown can be amplified, the stability and maturity of emotions present. Moon in Taurus definitely prefers comfort above all else. A cozy vibe to their home or daily life is most likely going to be incorporated somehow.

Taurus is a very loyal, steadfast sign that doesn’t really change things up that much due to their fixed nature. In relationships, they expect the same from their partner. They may be known to be rather boring because of their love for routine. Moon in Taurus can also have a reputation for their laziness or over self-indulgence. Commitment comes very easy to these people, but it may take them a while to fully settle down with someone, due to their patience and desire for stability in a relationship at all costs. Taurus typically prefers to let things unfold over time, and feelings grow with these people over time as well. They like to keep people in their lives for a very long time, once again linking back to their fixed nature, being resistant to change in their lives, especially emotionally. Quick and abrupt break ups or emotional surges can be very damaging for the moon in Taurus person. Someone that can appreciate silence, beauty, comfort, and subtle extravagance is ideal for someone like moon in Taurus. Someone who is too aloof or distant can hurt this person too, they desire closeness, but also someone that has a stronger sense of self and is capable of being independent on their own.

The moon in Taurus’ heart is a warm place, filled with the finer things in life – good wine, good food, and probably warm blankets too. Lunar Taureans can be pretty possessive people as well, they do not like to let go of anything – actual possessions, or people. The more they have of something, the safer these people tend to feel. This is where the materialistic stereotype of Taurus stems from, they can be overly dependent on outside life to feel secure on the inside. It’s important for these people to over time, grow a better sense of emotional security, so this isn’t a theme in their lives.

There can be the downfall to moon in Taurus, not wanting to accept anything new in their life, and this is usually the point when they are at their lowest. This can happen when they feel like they have no time to themselves to relax and be carefree, when they are being rushed or pushed too much, or when they just can’t seem to find their inner stability anywhere. It’s important for them to not get caught up in this routine, as they are naturally routine based people, because it can just do them more harm than good in the long run – leading to isolation or not being able to handle any change that life throws at you, which is, unfortunately for these people, inevitable.

Carl Jung & Robert Downey Jr., natal moon in Taurus

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