North Node // South Node in the Signs

The North and South nodes of the moon create the Nodal Axis in astrology. These are two mathematical points opposing each other, and hold a very important place in one’s natal chart. The North Node symbolizes our destiny in this life, our soul purpose. The South Node symbolizes our past life, what we came into this life already knowing, the skills and traits we already have learned and reached. The North and South Nodes are always opposing each other, and are almost always in retrograde as well.

North Node in Aries // South Node in Libra

With your South Node in Libra, you came into this life already experienced in and knowing your place with others. You are able to easily form bonds with others, showing consideration and acknowledgement of other people in your life. There is an innate need to please others though, sometimes going out of your way to do so or forgetting about how you’re truly feeling in order to keep the peace. You want to keep the peace in this life, to avoid ruffling feathers, but the problem with this is becoming too dependent on the reactions and acceptance of others, and not worrying enough about your Self. The Self is neglected due to this, and this is what your North Node in Aries wants you to start paying more attention to. Aries rules the 1st house, house of the Self. The sun is exalted in Aries, making it a very independent sign, with the most prominent leadership abilities. In this life, it’s time for you to stop worrying about the acceptance of others, stop neglecting yourself for the sake of others, and start taking more initiative towards the things you want. Aries is all about taking initiative and not backing down. It is your soul’s destiny in this life to learn to be independent and more self-sufficient.

North Node in Taurus // South Node in Scorpio

With your South Node in Scorpio, you came into this life already experienced in and familiar with the depths of the human psyche, needing privacy, and the concept of soulful intimacy. You are able to associate yourself with the occult, paranormal/supernatural, psychology, etc. All underground and occult themes resonate deeply with you. You have the innate ability to probe others’ psyche, to form total, deep and complete bonds with others, and to heal. In your past life it is most likely you have experienced some kind of trauma or great emotional pain, maybe you had to fight for survival. The tangible and materialistic aspect of life is not something Scorpio associates itself with, this sign is more concerned with the underlying issues of life, the underground or “less talked about” topics, things that are known as taboo. The intangible and soulful connections with others are what fuel Scorpio’s soul. But in this life, your North Node in Taurus wants you to become more familiar with the physical realm, and learn to preserve your intensity, manifesting it into the comfort and simple aspects of life. You must learn to establish your roots somewhere and learn to appreciate the real beauty around you instead of constantly searching for a deeper meaning in everything; some things don’t have a deeper meaning and you have to learn to take them for what they are, by just appreciating the beauty, simplicity and comfort of it.

North Node in Gemini // South Node in Sagittarius

With your South Node in Sagittarius, there is great wanderlust deeply embedded in you. In a past life, it is likely you were a traveler of some sort, one with the world around you. You are not the type of person that likes to take on a lot of responsibility at once, you prefer to remain a free – unrealistic – spirit, moving at your own pace through life. You have came into this life familiar with the need to expand your mind, by taking in new experiences, surroundings, and beliefs. You reincarnated in this life wanting to spread the truth to others, to express your beliefs. With your North Node in Gemini, you must learn to manifest your beliefs into words to share with others without being overly concerned of them stripping your freedom away. With Gemini, there is not so much emphasis on the truth of the matter; just the pure enjoyment of word exchange and interacting with others to gain more ideas to fill their minds. Turning your experiences into words is the soul’s destiny for you. While Sagittarius is the future, Gemini is the present. North Node in Gemini wants you to stay in the present, and be more open to new ideas, avoid thinking your truth is the only truth; Sagittarius can be a very arrogant sign, taking too much pride in their own beliefs. Be around people. Start conversations. Be more on the surface. Listen to others more. Spread information.

North Node in Cancer // South Node in Capricorn

With your South Node in Capricorn, there was great responsibility learned in your past life. You came into this life knowing how to manage, plan, and organize. You naturally seek tangible results for your success, and want to be in a strong foundation to fuel your need for outer security. You are aware of the need to repress your emotions sometimes to focus on achieving outer security, not letting your feelings get the best of you. You are here, reincarnated, as a being that knows how to create this outer foundation for yourself to thrive in. You may devote yourself to a career, Capricorn has the “workaholic” reputation, it all has to do with needing security. Since Capricorn rules the 10th house, or public persona/midheaven, public opinions matter greatly to you having South Node in Capricorn. You may have an innate need to control your surroundings, you are success oriented. With your North Node in Cancer, your soul’s destiny is to let go of needing to control and focus more on the need to nurture yourself, as well as others. You must learn to not repress your own emotional needs in order to just have a secure base for yourself. Learn to embrace your feelings. You must develop more acknowledgement to your own feelings, past and what you need to feel emotionally secure rather than physically secure. By being more emotionally responsive and aware, you can form more intimate and emotional relationships with others, an ability Capricorn itself tends to lack.

North Node in Leo // South Node in Aquarius

With your South Node in Aquarius, there was much concern for the collective conscious in your past life, thus causing you to enter this life with much worry for others. You may actively participate in bettering society or the world around you, to benefit others rather than yourself. There can be an over-reliance on friendships and other bonds with people, and high expectations of these people, and finding you are let down more often than not. There can be an innate desire to shock people without warning or just for pleasure as well. You take much pride in being an individual, being unique and desire to feel and do whatever you please, with the freedom to do as such. You may tend to fall back on logical reasoning and over rationalizing your feelings. With your North Node in Leo, it is your soul’s destiny to use your creativity and independence to it’s highest vibration. You must learn to not be so caught up in trying to serve society but to serve yourself instead. However, having North Node in Leo is not about being selfish and only serving the self; you must properly learn to feel emotionally secure enough in yourself to share the spotlight with someone else. That is Leo at it’s highest vibration. Learning to be more generous, but not give yourself away completely. Establishing boundaries between the self and others. You must learn to give yourself more attention, not neglect yourself.

North Node in Virgo // South Node in Pisces

With your South Node in Pisces, there was much concern for the collective unconscious in your past life, thus causing you to feel connected to others very easily in this life. There are usually spiritual roots to fall back on with this South Node. There were most likely many deceptions, false ideals, and suffering in the past life. You may innately give too much of yourself away to others, losing boundaries between yourself and them. There is an instant reaction to escape from reality when it becomes too overwhelming for you. You can carry pain around inside you until you learn to utilize it and turn it into something more practical, like letting it go. There is such high expectations of others and let downs because of your need for perfection – this is where your North Node in Virgo comes in. When you escape from reality, you escape from yourself, leaving to you constantly question who you really are. Through work and service you will find yourself. Health and productivity improve when you learn to establish boundaries. Virgo is a perfectionist, who plays very close attention to detail. It is imperative on your soul’s journey to look more closely at things, deciding if they are truly worth your time and service, or if you are just being deceived. You must learn to not completely suppress your empathetic ways, but to limit them. If you are constantly stopping to feel others’ pain you will get nowhere. Limit yourself. Learn boundaries. Focus. Clear your mind.


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