Moon in Sagittarius: Wanderlust

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being mutable, this sign is easily adaptable and changeable to new environments and people. Fire signs are naturally impulsive, competitive, and passionate people, and this is shown very much through this sign. Sagittarius is the Centaur; the Archer. His bow and arrow are aimed high in the sky in search of higher knowledge. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of higher education, philosophy, laws, foreign locations, etc. This sign is the philosopher of the zodiac; constantly seeking to find the truth behind all, the reasoning behind every word and action.

Moon in Sagittarius is usually seen as the most laid back and fun loving place for the moon to be in. Because this sign is mutable, and fire, it makes it easy to adventure to new places and enjoy the new opportunities life throws at them. Sagittarius is the wanderer, the moon in this sign has the soul of a traveler and soul searcher.

The Moon in astrology represents our needs, feelings, what makes us feel safe, our mother and past life experiences as well. With the moon in Sagittarius, this person seeks to adventure, expand their minds and experience new things in new places to feel at peace. Routine and feeling restricted or trapped is torturous for these adventurous souls. The main source of emotional happiness for moon in Sagittarius is to allow yourself to go wherever your heart wants you to go, to feel ultimate freedom to do and feel as you please. Sagittarius is generally known for being a very optimistic sign, being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. There is an innate thirst for knowledge and seeking truth. What keeps the moon in Sagittarius from dying out is removing themselves from their comfort zone to experience new things often.

Moon in Sagittarius can be pretty blunt and direct (like all fire signs) with how they feel. They see life as being too short to lie or hide their feelings; for they avoid feeling “stuck” at all costs, especially in relationships where they feel they do not have the freedom to do as they please. It’s easy for this sign to forgive and forget; Sagittarius is not typically a sign known for holding grudges or keeping past heartbreaks around for a while.

There can be quite a “God Complex” or superiority complex found in these people. Moon in Sagittarius might get so caught up in their own belief system(s) and start to become fixed in it, despite being a mutable sign. They might become hard-headed and refuse to accept any other’s personal beliefs or input. That their truth is the only truth. This can cause conflicts in personal relationships, etc.

Moon in Sagittarius needs a source of inspiration somewhere in their lives; and they want to inspire others, too. These are true visionaries that are constantly striving to learn more and be more in the world. They want to leave a lasting impact on the ones around them. The mother of the moon in Sagittarius may have been a visionary herself; maybe who liked to travel a lot, and the moon in Sagittarius child grew up traveling in many different places. The mother may have worked far away and had to commute from home to job frequently.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about expansion. Since the moon rules feelings and emotions, feelings with this placement can be expanded and become overly enthusiastic. There is an expansion in all feelings; joy and sadness. This placement can be irresponsible at worst; poor with money and can make too many faulty promises. Moon in Sagittarius can also find themselves in many situations where they bite off much more than they can chew, they are the ones that make promises when feeling optimistic and faithful, and then are unable to go through with what they’ve said.

With moon in Sagittarius there can be problems in focusing too much on the bigger picture and neglecting details. It is important these people are not so focused on the perfect image of their future and visions that they forget what is presently in front of them, or what they have to deal with here and now.

Intimately, moon in Sagittarius wants a partner that they can share their hopes and dreams with. By communicating with their intuitive visions and ideas, they find emotional security in feeling accepted and being allowed to have their own freedom. They are not the type that deal well when too much is expected of them, or when much responsibility is placed upon them either.

What moon in Sagittarius must learn is to not be so caught up in bettering themselves and only trying to understand themselves; but also the ones and world around them.



Albert Einstein, Jennifer Aniston & Charlie Sheen, natal moon in Sagittarius

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