Moon in Leo

“Leo is not a tyrant but the embodiment of charisma and generosity. Displays of pettiness, shame, or envy hurt your heart, whether you witness them or experience those feelings yourself, because you don’t like yourself or anyone else to feel small. When your heart is open and your spirit is engaged, it’s like the warmth of sunshine; everyone gets to be in the light.” – Amy Herring

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun – having the moon in this sign is unique, being that it’s ruled by another luminary in astrology. The sun is actually considered a star though, which is fitting because that is exactly what Leo wants to be recognized as.

Because Leo is fixed, it can make this moon placement incredibly stubborn and resistant to change. Being a fire sign though, they have a childlike disposition and enjoy the risk taking moments in life. It’s hard to make fixed signs change their mind, or ways, they stubbornly cling to what they feel is right. The word “feel” should be emphasized here, because we’re talking about the moon – the moon in astrology represents our feelings. How we feel, what makes us feel certain things, how we cope with our feelings, habitual behavior, our emotional needs, and what makes us feel safe. The moon is also representative of the mother figure in one’s life. By looking at the moon we can determine all of these things to some extent.

Let’s talk about Leo’s ruler – the sun. The sun in astrology is considered a luminary, like the moon. Our sun sign represents our ego, personality, what we want to be recognized as, how we express ourself. Everything in the chart projects itself through the lens of the sun sign. Leo is dignified in the sun because it is it’s natural ruler. The sign Leo itself naturally has these characteristics – a more prominent personality, can be somewhat self-centered (the sun rules the self and ego), romantic (Leo rules the 5th house, house of romance & pleasure), outgoing, noticeable, spontaneous. Expressing themselves comes natural to Leo’s. These traits take on the moon in a more inner way – our moon is our private self and our first instincts.

The typical moon in Leo must be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated emotionally. This is what makes them feel safe and secure. Being ignored is something these people cannot tolerate. The moon in Leo native can become increasingly dramatic and desperate the more they feel they are neglected, they can be very emotional people. Passion is high here. Leo rules the heart in medical astrology, when matters of the heart are involved – like love – they are all in. These people do everything from the heart, it’s hard for them not to take most things personally. They exhibit a sensitive ego, one that is easily hurt by even the slightest comment or gesture.

Leo is a very generous sign despite most stereotypes. Moon in leo’s are not selfish, they are self-centered. They worry about themselves before anyone else. This can be a good thing in some cases but they must be careful to not take this too far, and completely disregard what others want or need first. It’s easy for this to be twisted into selfishness. Especially since we are talking about the moon, their emotional security comes first before all. The vitality found in this placement is very prominent, they have tremendous will power (most of the time). They can be rather extravagant in some cases, sometimes flashy.

Romance is something this moon placement needs in life. Being swept off their feet by their ideal partner is something they dream about even as children. Unconditional love is something the moon in Leo strongly desires. They can feel lost and incomplete without this aspect in their life. Not so much having a committed partner, but just having that moment of being swept off their feet is what Leo in general finds amazing. They want to be shown off by a partner and recognized for who they are and what they want. They must feel like a priority to others, or else feelings of neglect and being ignored come in, drowning them in feelings of toxicity.

The sun rules creativity in astrology, and the 5th house (ruled by Leo) represents our creative interests, hobbies, things that give us pleasure, no matter what they are. Because of this, moon in Leo’s might have some kind of creative outlet, like painting, drawing, singing, acting, etc. It may seem as if they were born naturally with a talent for the arts, and they most likely were. It’s not uncommon for anyone under Leo influence to be extremely creative in some way. And because we are talking about a sun-ruled sign, they will mostly likely want everyone to know about it and to be appreciated for it. Appreciation, if you couldn’t tell, goes a long way for this sign and moon placement in general. Praise is what makes the lunar Leo’s heart soar.

Lunar Leos have the natural affinity to show us all what makes us special. When they open their hearts to others, the sunshine pours in, you can feel it all over. Seeing anyone else in pain puts this moon placement in pain as well. This moon placement inspires others through what inspires them; mostly creatively. This is the type of friend you need if you’re feeling bad about yourself, they will envelope you in a cradle of sunshine, giving you the light you need to carry on.

All personal planets in Leo may have a showy quality to them, as briefly mentioned earlier. With moon in Leo and relationships, they enjoy being very demonstrative with partners, and this must be reciprocated back to them. This is where those feelings of neglect come back in. They need playfulness in a partner, someone that will be a little dramatic with them, so nothing gets too boring after a while. They need someone helpful [just as they are], but can also be responsible in the relationship, and know that it’s not all play. Leo loves harder than most.

The dark side of a Leo moon is arrogance. When feeling insecure, as everyone does, this is their defense mechanism of choice. Feeling vulnerable makes these people feel very uncomfortable and scared, so naturally they fight against it by acting like they aren’t feeling so vulnerable on the inside. It’s important for these people to not let this get the best of them, and to find something that makes them feel warm inside; something that lights their soul up; like they do for others.


Megan Fox, Lana Del Rey & Marilyn Manson, natal moon in Leo

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