Saturn in the 7th House

The Seventh House in astrology represents marriage & partnerships primarily, among other things like open enemies. Saturn is the planet that rules the sign Capricorn. Naturally, Saturn is considered to be “colder” than the others which definitely sets them apart. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, stability and commitment. Whatever planet is placed in our Seventh House represents what we are most eligible to attract or project onto others – the Seventh House is sometimes referred to as our “shadow side” because of this.
With that being said, Saturn here attracts and seeks mature relationships with others. There can be significant age gaps in relationships as well because of this need for maturity and experience/wisdom. Saturn is very traditional and reserved like it’s ruling sign, Capricorn. They do not treat partnerships lightly or with ease; it is a straining process consisting of unbreakable commitment. The individual with Saturn in the 7th is constantly evaluating themselves throughout the relationship, taking notes and critical examination of their own behavior, sometimes too hesitant or anxious to be more upfront or romantic. They may compare themselves too much to how others are in relationships and develop a self-defeating attitude. Those with Saturn in the 7th (or harshly aspecting their natal Venus) may destroy their own beloved relationships out of fear of not being good enough for any of it. They may simply give up, developing a highly pessimistic attitude, believing it won’t last anyway, so why are they even trying to make it last? They can be rather self destructive in this way.

Nothing comes easy in the house where Saturn resides, in any natal chart. Saturn is the Father of Time; imagery of an hourglass or grandfather clock comes to mind. This planet delays, but never denies. One has to learn the lessons of their natal Saturn so these lessons are not repeated throughout the chart holder’s life. Because of this, there can be a perpetual feeling of loneliness. The desire to intertwine fingers with another can transform itself into a rather large and long winded mission for these people. Those plagued by Saturn’s harsh delays and rejections usually experience it’s reward after their first Saturn return (ages 29-30 usually), this is when Saturn’s lessons should be learned.

Wherever Saturn is in one’s chart, fear is present to some degree. Saturn in the 7th, Venus harshly aspecting Saturn, or Venus in Capricorn, may experience great rejection or many obstacles in regards to love and relationships. They are meant to become stronger by Saturn’s lessons before they receive their reward, this is why many of these people do not marry until later in life (after first Saturn return). Back to fear, these people fear becoming too involved with others because of their fear of rejection. They feel that if they open themselves too wide for others, others will see what the chart holder sees in themselves, and thus, rejecting and leaving the chart holder. Could this be why Capricorn and Saturn represses their emotions and true feelings? Yes. They cannot risk the true vulnerability of being intimate with another. The Saturn in the Seventh House native must evaluate themselves and their past honestly to seek the truth, growing wiser in themselves and relationships.

With Saturn here, there can be a drawn to tyrannical partners, those that are overly controlling, extremely boring, or cold/critical. The Saturn in the Seventh House person can even feel plagued by relationships like these, feeling too restricted by their own relationships, as if there are too many limitations for them. This is the fault of the spouse they have been drawn to or attracted into their lives. However this is a form of projection; it is really the Saturn in the Seventh House native exhibiting these traits onto their partner, they are facing the walls they have built up around themselves, not understanding why they are not receiving what they want out of the relationship. This is when the chart holder [should] realize they, themselves, are the problem.

Saturn rules stability and outer security. Having Saturn in the Seventh House, the native needs a partner that feels safe. They cannot deal with unpredictable behavior or spontaneous outbursts. Being removed from their emotional comfort zone is not something these people tolerate well. The Saturn in the Seventh House person may purposely choose a partner that lacks in some ways, there is a teacher and Wise Elder in Saturn, they want to impart their wisdom onto others. Also, this can make the insecure Saturn in the Seventh feel somewhat better about themselves if the relationship fails; “it was them, not me.”

The search for maturity and stability/security in a relationship [as said before] results in large age gaps in relationships, or a mother/father figure type in marriage. This can result on dependency from the Saturn in the Seventh House native onto the partner. Courting and engagements can be dragged out for longer periods of time than what is considered to be normal or average.

“… If you don’t love yourself in the right way, you can’t love your neighbour.” – Joel Osteen

The Seventh House Saturnian person must learn to love themselves before loving another. Being in a relationship where they are constantly questioning themselves, critically judging themselves (and also others) will only rush these self destructing tendencies even more. The Saturn in the Seventh House individual must find their inner strength and support structure. They must learn that they, and others, are human. No one is capable of everything, and people have limits. And that’s okay. The reward is worthwhile.

Lana Del Rey, Linda Goodman & Bernie Sanders, natal Saturn in the 7th House

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