The Twelfth House

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” – William Blake

It’s easy to get lost in the twelfth house. This house is found in dreams, drug/substance use, spiritual contact and meditation. It is no surprise that twelfth house people are highly sensitive people, they are carrying the weight of the collective unconscious on their shoulders on a daily basis. The 11th house shows us the difference between the self and others, the conscious collective, conscious dreams and aspirations. The 12th house shows us that we are one, each person is connected with the other, we are a product of those before us. This is neptune’s domain, this is where pisces retreats to think and ponder the ways of the universe. This is where things go to dissipate.

Planets that fall in the twelfth house are prone to isolation, confusion, escapism, and poor self awareness. The energy of planets can get turned inwards when the twelfth house claims it as it’s own. Even the most firey placements can become weak, repressed and lacking the self assertion they need, or want to have. This is the house of mystics. Purple fog and deep waters come to mind when envisioning the twelfth house; what is really in there? You have to look into yourself to find it. It is unconscious, sleeping away somewhere.

Sun in the 12th house feels personally abandoned. The father may have been a drunk, addict of some kind. Maybe he disappeared somehow, maybe he passed away. Perhaps the father is very much involved in the chart holder’s life, but there are many mysteries surrounding him, only to be uncovered as the chart holder grows and develops more. Having one’s ego, identity and personality in the twelfth house creates a highly introverted, introspective and sensitive soul. This person feels like themselves when they are alone, or when they feel of service to others. They owe karmic debt in this lifetime, they may have abused their power or will in another lifetime, and are now suffering the consequences of essentially have no power, even over themselves. Self awareness is at it’s minimum with the sun here. Who am I? the chart holder wonders, probably very often.

Moon in the 12th house feels too much. Sensory overload is common for these people to experience. It is hard for these people to know how they’re really feeling most of the time, because they are so chameleon like, they are absorbing the feelings of everyone around them at once. Being alone often is recommended for these people, to know how they’re truly feeling. The mother may have exhibited 12th house qualities; drunk, addict of some kind, abandoned the chart holder, passed away. Maybe there are just many mysteries surrounding the mother despite being involved in the chart holder’s life. The moon here tries to escape a lot, and tries to cling to certain emotions, ideals or people to feel like they have something secure in their life.

Mercury in the 12th house feels what they say and think is not considered, or just blatantly ignored. They feel that all their life they were not heard enough by others. Their thinking comes from the emotionally rich and vibrant waters and underground caves the twelfth house consists of. They intuitively draw out their plans. They may be slow or lethargic in speech or physically as well. It can be hard for these people to distinguish who’s thoughts they are thinking or hearing at once, there is a telepathic connection with the ones around them at all times. Misunderstandings are very common when mercury is in this house, or affected by neptune in any way.

Mars in the 12th house feels bottled up inside. Their anger is usually repressed, feelings of aggravation are typically expressed privately. There may be an innate fear of one’s own anger or capabilities. It’s not uncommon for someone with this placement to have experienced bullies in their life, these people are easily taken advantage of for simply caring and wanting to serve to help others in some way or another. The sexuality of this person may remain a mystery to them, it may be hard to express themselves sexually or intimately because of the fogginess the twelfth house surrounds them with. Self assertion is rather difficult for these people; it’s hard to stand up for themselves when they don’t see the point in doing so.

Venus in the 12th feels neglected. Relationships are kept hidden usually, secret affairs are common with this placement. There are many times the native will feel guilty for pleasing themselves, through purchases or relationships. They do not feel worthy. Though there is a gift for an artistic talent with this placement, painting or drawing usually. Venus gets lost in the boundless world the twelfth house plants it in, it’s love has no bounds, as well as it’s creativity. Venus exalts in pisces, it is a similar kind of feeling. But the twelfth house brings guilt with it, so naturally, these people can feel very guilty just for loving another – am I doing enough? Do I even deserve this? are questions this person might ask themselves pretty often.

It seems as though whenever twelfth house people find something to latch onto, something that makes them feel like, “this is me. this is what makes me feel like a person. I feel real when I have this.” it is taken from them, they are left alone again in the empty waters of the twelfth house. We will get there soon.


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