Mars square Pluto: Protector vs. Predator

“These are emotionally violent types. They can’t control or contain their emotional spite, and are physically damaging individuals. They have the capacity to ruin lives. They victimize themselves for personal gain, and lie regardless of consequence. They have tumultuous relationships/marriages, and are difficult people to get along with in everyday life.”

Hard or discordant aspects coming from Pluto are extremely volatile, intense, and terrifying if provoked. However, they are extremely symbolic and represent tremendous depth in a person.

Mars is the planet that rules Aries – it represents our natural instincts, drive, motivation, sexual nature, how we express our anger and frustration. Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio (Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars, keep in mind) – it represents transformation, death, rebirth, regeneration, what we keep secret, trauma, intensity, our inner beast. Pluto can be highly destructive. It can sometimes be referred to as the “higher octave of Mars” because of it’s nature in this way. While Mars is aggressive and destructive, Pluto is on another level – another octave – meaning, Pluto has the power to completely wipe out a person, and bring them back as someone who’s stronger and wiser.

The square aspect in astrology is one of the hardest – harder than an opposition. A square is formed at 90 degrees in a natal chart. It represents tension, frustration, disagreement between two signs or planets. Picture them at war with one another. Squares are lessons a person must learn or conquer in themselves, it does create character, wisdom and depth, but it’s not easy at all to master. When it comes to Mars square Pluto, that scenario fits perfectly: the planet of war vs. the planet of ultimate destruction, fighting to the death within one person.

Since I already mentioned what Mars represents in a natal chart, let’s get more specific on how Mars is affected when it’s squaring a planet like Pluto. This aspect creates something astrologers have referred to as the “predator or protector aspect”. The person with this aspect must learn to tame their inner demons. Anger can be felt to such an extreme that it’s comparable to physically crawling out of your own skin. This aspect expresses itself through a hair trigger temper, violent tendencies, extreme vengeful tendencies, jealousy, possessiveness, and a need for control.

Hard Pluto aspects, like I mentioned earlier, are very symbolic. Those with Pluto harshly aspecting their personal planets have most likely experienced a great loss in their life, usually parental figures, are familiar with abuse in some form, or had a very dark childhood. They were exposed to Plutonian themes growing up – death and control mostly. Because it is likely this person was attempted to be kept under one’s control growing up, they take this internal anger out by needing to feel dominant and in control of their environment at all times. These people, however, seem to be excellent to have around in times of crisis; they are no stranger to any life or death situation. Pluto also blesses us with a strong intuition and gut feeling, these people sense others’ motives in an instant, it’s nearly impossible to fool them. And I wouldn’t try to, either.

This aspect makes it nearly impossible for someone to not act on their feelings. They can be very reckless people, trying to swallow so many demons daily, one can’t help but choke. These people are forced to confront their emotions at all times, this is what makes them stronger in the end. They are rewarded with the physical stamina others cannot even comprehend. Their ability and capability to simply get things done is impeccable. These people are never quitters, they never let go of anything – that’s as good as it is bad, though (again, these are very vengeful people). With Mars square Pluto there’s an association with the dangerous members of society like criminals and sexual predators (mars and pluto both rule sex, square is a hard aspect). It can be extremely hard to get along with these people because of their naturally aggressive and somewhat mean nature at times.

Mars square Pluto individuals learn through their experiences and grow wiser with age. Squares typically have this affect on most. These are not the type of people to continue making the same mistake over and over again, they do genuinely learn from their own and other’s mistakes. They are natural leaders, very comfortable in roles of initiation and taking the reigns. The desires of the native with Mars square Pluto are deep, intense, and burning hot. They can be rather provocative people; the seductive succubus, dancing with the devil himself. Intimate relationships are all consuming, perhaps extremely overwhelming and felt on every level, vibrating to their highest point for these people. Pluto rules intimacy and sexual contact, so does Mars to an extent, so when these two are paired together it creates something not of this world. They can be the most obsessive people you’d ever encounter and not reveal it until you are trapped with them. This doesn’t mean every person with this natal aspect is an abuser, or manipulator, but it isn’t uncommon either. They can also attract others that are this way as well; obsessive types.

These people can be prone to compulsive behavior due to Pluto’s nature, this is something to be careful of as well. Power struggles are common themes in the lives of these people, they have a knack for bringing out the worst in people because of their ability to cut so deeply and intuit the triggers and pain of others. Pluto naturally brings everything back to the surface to deal with; and this is something the Mars square Pluto individual knows all too well.

“A note on Mars/Pluto, which dominates this personality and life from deep within: It shows a willingness (need) to fight to the death, a constant struggle for survival (whether physical or emotional), a compulsive need to win at any cost, the assertion of power, and deeply buried rage. It tends to bring utter ruthlessness (often hidden or disguised), and a flair for covert manipulation. The rage is buried, but then erupts with the most extreme force and is uncontrollable.”

When this aspect is “conquered” or at least tamed, you can find these people vibrating to Pluto’s highest degree. These are the gurus, the intuitives, the masters of life, the wise souls. They are receiving signals from the underworld at all times; they are constantly in conflict with themselves, who they are as opposed to what they want to be. Unresolved trauma leads to uncontrollable anger in these people. All in all, these people can be described as hurt folks walking around in a firey shell with a broken heart rattling around in their chest. They know they are the way they are, but they must find the right outlet and path to step foot on first.


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