Moon in the 8th House

“When a person has his natal Moon in the 8th house, his mind can transcend to the outer realms quite easily, making it possible to manipulate energy for magical use. There will be a constant battle between darkness and light in the native’s mind, as the Moon here will many times express its dark side.” – Free-spirited Mind

The 8th house is a water house ruled by Pluto and Scorpio. It’s the house of secrets, intimacy, sex, death, inheritance, joint finances, taxes, repression, things we hide from others. The moon is the planet of our emotions, feelings, coping mechanisms, habits, what makes us feel safe and secure, and the mother in our lives.

Having the moon in such an intense house creates a very sensitive individual. We typically neglect the fact that Scorpio itself is a very sensitive sign, we see it as the warrior of the water signs, this is because they are notorious for repressing their true feelings because they cannot risk feeling vulnerable to others. But deep inside, they feel things as such a high intensity it can be extremely overwhelming. This applies exactly the same to an 8th house moon person. These people are deeply and fixedly in tuned to the undercurrents and vibrations around them at all times. They are extremely insightful and profound people, with the ability to see within others and perhaps know them better than they know themselves.

The moon rules our sensitivity, and the 8th house rules all things considered taboo, occult, psychic, sexual, abusive, traumatic; 8th house moon people are deeply sensitive and feel a strong familiarity within these things.

The 8th house moon individual has an innate desire to merge completely with another. They want to know someone body, mind, and soul. They can become deeply attached to people and it takes them a very long time to recover from pain of the heart, love consumes these people completely, intimacy is what they need out of life to feel safe and secure. Loss may not be a stranger to the person with an 8th house moon, but nonetheless, it is very painful to these people, perhaps for that reason.

Since the moon in astrology rules one’s mother, the person with an 8th house moon’s mother may have been someone highly secretive, possessive, obsessive, maybe even abusive. Since the 8th house rules sex, perhaps the mother was involved in some kind of sex work. Something taboo-related. If the moon is positively aspected in the chart, there is a possibility for an inheritance through the mother to the chart holder. The 8th house represents what we inherit from our ancestors and past generations; this is a placement that is most likely to be affected by their ancestors, sometimes it’s said they can still feel or see them although they may not be around anymore. They have an eye for the supernatural and is is not uncommon for these people to experience paranormal instances. Since they can inherit things from past generations, the qualities we say that “skip” a generation may effect these people. They could inherit all sorts of things, addictive tendencies are most common.

Since the 8th house is mostly unconscious and affects us more so in the background of our lives, or in private, the 8th house moon person experiences powerful complexities below the surface of life. They may feel they personally deal with more than the average person on a daily basis, and it’s safe to say that they definitely do. This can be considered a very volatile placement for the moon to be in. In astrology, the moon is in it’s fall position (“worst” place) in Scorpio, and in the 8th house it takes on the same qualities; hard to express emotions, fear of vulnerability, and difficulty openly relating with others, although they feel others on every level internally.

Those with an 8th house moon may feel strongly compelled to explore the darker themes in life, and to psychologically probe themselves and others. They are exceptionally skilled at investigating, uncovering secrets and mysteries, and sensing other’s motives immediately. It’s hard to fool these people or get one past them, they are usually always aware of everything happening around them. It’s hard for these people to trust others, they keep their own feelings almost completely under wraps. It’s hard to get to know them really, but once you do, it’s a very touching and profound experience. Consider yourself someone special if an 8th house moon person has opened up to you, you are a rare one, and someone they will never forget about.

This moon position can sometimes express itself through extreme jealousy, obsession, hatred, manipulation, and most likely depression. The moon is sitting in the dark most of the time here, being fueled by the Pluto’s drive at all times. Though that is not all there is to this moon placement; that’s not all there is to Pluto and Scorpio. When vibrating at it’s highest degree, these people are gurus, mystics, intuitives, psychics, excellent healers, detectives, and spiritually inclined people. They exhibit a very strong will power others may never understand or fully grasp in their lives.

Emotional peace and comfort is reached through intimacy and sexual expression for these people. These people can feel extreme guilt for things regarding the mother, and carry around her burdens throughout life. They can feel guilty for a lot actually, for feeling on their own especially. These people may be very self-sufficient though, carrying the world on their backs, not willing to accept help from anyone else. They may only blame themselves when things go wrong, or be unwilling to change to make things better, because they are unable to see a brighter side to anything. Asking others for help or needing nourishment from others can be a fear of these people, they are scared of their emotions ending up in some kind of power struggle with others, since the 8th house rules debt, they may feel like there is a feeling of “owing” another person for emotional help or guidance, or that they owe the other person for helping them, also stemming from feelings of guilt.

By keeping their feelings so secretive and private, these makes them more extreme for the person overall. They can become extremely uncomfortable giving and receiving due to their “emotionally unavailable” persona they put out, because their own emotions can make them feel guilty, burdensome, or afraid. This creates a very strange dynamic being that they crave intimacy and soul-merging relationships, but are too afraid to put themselves out there to find it. The only way out is looking within, and they must learn being vulnerable is part of human nature; it is not to be feared or looked down upon, but something to grow and learn from.


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