Jupiter in the 7th House

Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet of good luck, abundance, higher knowledge, and things considered foreign (lands, languages, people, etc). It also rules the sign Sagittarius. The 7th house in astrology is an angular house, one of the most important houses in astrological terms, because it is the house on the same axis as the self (1st house). The 7th house represents the energy and traits we project outwardly onto others, we find the traits that embody our 7th house through others. It can also show the traits of ourselves in which we deny, because the 7th house can also be referred to as the “shadow” house. We don’t necessarily see these qualities in ourselves until another person shows them to us. That being said, the 7th house is also representative of the characteristics that we attract romantically into our lives, as this house rules relationships and marriage. It also rules things like open enemies, legal affairs, and any type of partnerships.

Jupiter loves to learn, explore and wander. This planet adds very Sagittarian traits to this house, attracting fiery, honest, and warm souls on a quest through life, the young students challenging the universe and finding the truth and meaning to their own lives. The person with Jupiter in the 7th exhibits a rich, youthful quality that naturally attracts people to them because of their jovial guidance they project onto others. The Jupiter in the 7th individual may seek after a partner in which they can learn from or teach to, someone that will hold their hand on long journeys across the country and experience life with. Since Jupiter rules abundance, and sometimes over-abundance, there can be a tendency to always want “more” in the area Jupiter resides in our charts. Applying this to relationships/marriages, the native with this placement may have multiple marriages, partners, or much experience or much to offer in this area of life. There is a surge of excellence and divine inspiration when the individual with Jupiter sitting in the 7th house merges with another. They may deeply enjoy being with others, relating with people regularly, being seduced and teased with by others. Jupiter rules experience, the person with this placement tends to have great experience and knowledge regarding relationships, love, partnerships, legal affairs, etc.

Jupiter is considered the greatest benefic in astrology, and we are considered “blessed” in whichever house Jupiter sits in, because of it’s naturally benevolent qualities that ooze joy, wonder and spirit. There can be a talent for resolving conflict and tension, Libra rules the 7th house and rules law, justice, fairness, as mentioned previously, the native with Jupiter residing here may be extremely fortunate in their legal affairs as well. The person with Jupiter in the 7th experiences spiritual and mental enlightenment through others and relationships with others, this is ultimately what they are seeking, as Jupiter is the constant wanderer and truth seeker in astrology. There can be a chance that the person having this placement can benefit greatly financially through a partner.

The partner is typically greatly influential to the chart holder, and they have much to learn from their relationships. Afflictions made to Jupiter can severely averse these characteristics, however. A negatively aspected Jupiter in the chart can result in unfaithful marriages, burdens regarding relationships, attracting many partners exhibiting a “God complex”, someone who promises too much and cannot follow through, a dishonest and lazy partner that expects the world to owe them everything. A positively aspected Jupiter usually results in great popularity with others, honest and faithful relationships, followed through promises, and well-earned life experience and enlightenment through the person’s relationships.

It is common for the chart holder with Jupiter here to be interested in law and legal studies, literature, the fine arts, etc. They can spend time with many people coming from a different background, different cultures, or enjoy spending time in foreign lands among complete strangers, yet feel entirely at peace with oneself. The person with this placement may be an extremely generous soul, constantly giving themselves away to others, while this is as much of a bad thing as a good thing, they must be mindful of their behavior with others. With the optimistic side of Jupiter filling the 7th house with joy, there also comes a type of blind faith in others, where they can expect too much (over abundance) from other people in relationships, and this can obviously lead the individual to great disappointment. Jupiter constantly wants more and more wherever it’s sitting in our charts, this person may be an extremely social butterfly, thriving on social interactions and feeling free to be themselves and bring out the light in others.

Jupiter brings great opportunities in love with this placement, allowing the individual to have many options open at once for a relationship, and provide good luck and a positive attitude when diving into them.



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