Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter is the planet of luck, abundance, higher knowledge/education, prosperity, philosophy, ease and freedom. The 8th house is the house ruling secretive matters, joint finances/other people’s money, taboo subjects, death, the things we keep hidden from others, transformation, sex, rebirth, etc.

With such a lighthearted planet falling into this deep, dark and intense house, it creates an interesting dynamic, since Jupiter expands everything it touches. The house Jupiter is in is supposedly said to be a blessed area in our lives, where good fortune is present and ease is given to us. With this particular placement we have an individual that may be very well educated on matters of the 8th house, as listed previously. There can be an intuitive insight to just knowing the right opportunity to make the right move in life, especially concerning money or private affairs.

As you’d expect with Jupiter, there is high optimism wherever it is placed, and in the 8th house, things of the taboo are greeted delightedly. There is generally an open attitude with the things in life people are too afraid to address or talk about. Jupiter here seeks an entirely new understanding of these subjects and fills the inner private life with rich enthusiasm and knowledge, and of course, abundance.

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, the great teacher and truth seeker. Jupiter in the 8th house may find it helpful, or natural, to help others have a more positive attitude to the dark side of themselves. They are naturally more understanding and well-versed in the darker parts of life, drawing different kinds of people in to be more of a mentor in a way. The individual with this placement may undergo a great transformation in their own personal belief system as well at some point, and may intensely believe in what they hold true to the end. This placement can indicate an individual that became deeply religious or found a personal set of beliefs after a tragic time in their life, or from a near death experience. There can be a tendency of these people to properly utilize their past experiences as the ultimate life lesson and growing experience, learning from their past and incorporating it into their own personal set of beliefs. Experience is what this person lives for, and is known for. There is typically a lot of learning in the occult field, as this is what the 8th house is most known for ruling over. There is extensive knowledge of things esoteric, foreign, underground, disturbing or thought provoking. Death can be the greatest adventure of all for these people, a trip to another realm entirely, filled with untold secrets and more things to learn, things Jupiter thirsts for. The individual remains positively faithful in all times, helpful tools and guidance are, seemingly, always handed to them in the times they are needed the most, particularly regarding matters of the 8th house – most beneficially, finances. Jupiter does rule wealth, and this is always a positive result in the picture, and is not uncommon for someone with this placement to marry into wealth or have the right instinctive drawn to wealth themselves. The person with Jupiter in the 8th house may be a person of good karma.

As mentioned, Jupiter expands and adds to whatever it’s placed in. In the house of sex, there can be continuous knowledge on the topic itself, or the sex life may be something deeply explored, consuming tons of sexual experience or partners in their life. All in good intentions, mostly just for the curiosity and of course, experience. Jupiter’s bright blue light adds just a small touch of life to the house of death, by allowing it to start viewing the glass as half full. The individual with Jupiter here gains from others most of all, they can absorb other people’s knowledge and use it in their own beliefs at times.

Jupiter energy is generous energy, hence why these people tend to have good karma. They are generous with what they have learned through the 8th house and what they give comes back to them in the right way, at the right time.


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