Pluto in the 5th House

Pluto is one of the most complex planets in astrology. It represents the emotional darkness within us, trauma, things we kept repressed, regeneration, empowerment, fear, transformation, rebirth. It has been labeled as a dark malefic planet, one capable of great damage and destruction since it’s discovery and use in modern astrology. Isabel Hickey describes Pluto as possessing a dual nature; “If he so chooses man can use the line of least resistance and bring himself destruction and misery. When dealing with this most powerful radiation with wisdom and reason, the Minerva aspect of Pluto is in evidence, and the end result is a big step forward for mankind.” Pluto operates on a soul level, the core of our being, and only functions on raw and true emotions. It is representative of the emotions and things we do not want to deal with, for they are too painful for us right now, is what we would say. Pluto hurts us first, bringing forth transformation within the self, and causes metaphorical death of the individual, a rebirth of the self, shedding anew into a being more powerful, wise, and experienced for the world again. In great contrast, the fifth house is the house ruled by Leo – the sign of self will, creativity, romance. The fifth house rules these as well; casual relationships, children, self expression, sex (not to be confused with the 8th house of [intimate] sex, for the fifth house is not intimate on such a soul level), romance, hobbies, interests, attraction, what brings us pleasure/happiness/joy. The fifth house is where we go when we’re enjoying ourselves and letting the self create, indulge in flings and be free.

Any planet in the fifth house is directly tied into the self expression of the chart holder. Some astrologers have compared it to that planet being conjunct the natal sun, because it is so tightly incorporated into the chart holder’s life. We bring our Self into everything we do, and the fifth house doesn’t work without the planet inside of it, it’s always being put to use. Pluto here adds a very magnetic twist to such a sunny house. Those with Pluto in the fifth house, darkness covering the light of the sun, an eclipse is formed. The seriousness of Pluto can overpower the desires of the fifth house; the chart holder may struggle by taking themselves and their loves too seriously, backfiring on themselves creating a struggle to even want to be creative at all. There can be compulsive and ritualistic tendencies when it comes to Pluto due to it’s obsessive nature. Pluto rules our repressed fears and hidden desires; there can be a fear of other’s taking credit for their own work/interests, or of those that are able to easily go after what they desire. There can be much up-tightness with this placement for the chart holder.

There is a powerful presence to someone with Pluto in the fifth house, they express themselves through the inner workings of such mysterious planetary energy, it’s hard to ignore them, even if you want to. Pluto works at it’s highest vibration and divine purpose for the chart holder when it’s healing capabilities and chances for renewal of the soul are used for the sake of empowering others rather than the self. This is what cleanses the soul. This is one of the destinies that come with Pluto in the fifth house. Steven Forrest has described this concept as, “channeling ego-energy colorfully and unself-consciously in a way that encourages others to forget themselves momentarily and lose themselves in an identification with you.

Because this house represents creativity and self expression, and Pluto rules the taboo side of life, those with this placement tend to want to express these in their art or expression in some way or another. There is a direct identification with the darkness or a need to express the darkness of the world in some way, personally or artistically. There can be a fascination with the macabre, gothic studies, astrology, death, the paranormal, sex. When expressing oneself with this placement here, it can lead to self destruction very easily. Pluto is very extreme in it’s nature, all or nothing. When it comes to pleasures in life, including alcohol or drugs, it’s dangerous with such an intense planet here; there is risk for dangers in gambling, drinking and/or drugs for this reason. There can be addicts or alcoholics with this placement because of this downside. The fifth house also rules sex, as mentioned before, and Pluto can show our self destructive tendencies very well here in this house. There can be a destructive or self defeating attitude when it comes to one’s sex life with this placement. The individual may indulge in empty, dangerous or hurtful sexual affairs with others. And, because Pluto is obsession and this house is the house of romance, there can be the tendency to create a stalker out of yourself here. Or out of others because of the Plutonian energy you ooze onto others. There are obsessions here; commonly referred to as the “fatal attraction” placement for this reason by many astrologers. Obsessive love life, obsessive nature with one’s children or the idea of having children, obsessive desires to create. This placement can great the tormented artist or tortured soul; so encompassed in the darkness of life but cannot get it close enough to the light to show others, or when it is finally put into the light, it is not received in the way one had hoped. Pluto is a highly intense force found in every person’s natal chart. Pluto asks us to merge with whatever it is placed up against; the love life can be all-consuming, a desire to merge souls with another partner, a very intense love life, perhaps attracting Plutonian people themselves to you, or Plutonian relationships. There are intimate love affairs with art, taboo studies, the dark arts, lovers and what they are passionate about. What drives them crazy inside.

Transformation for these people comes through the experience of creation, giving birth, bringing forth life and a start to something in this world for the first time, whatever it may be. Specifically since this house does rule children, having children may be the most transformative experience for someone with this planetary position in their natal chart. There must be caution in being too much of an obsessive parent, though. There can also be common issues involving death of a child, abortion, miscarriages, pregnancy difficulties, a more painful or extended birth than average, etc.

There can be great shame felt for this placement by the ones that possess it themselves, due to the negative responses they receive from others on their work. As mentioned previously, Pluto rules what we have repressed. You must battle your own demons to unlock the true fulfillment of the fifth house in order to reach the joy, happiness, and freedom of self expression you so desire. Figure out what happened in your early life to lead you to repress your desire to create, to preform, to inspire and empower others. What made you so dark? This is when you come to life – not only to yourself, but to others. Your destiny here is to awaken others. Bring what needs to be brought up to attention in front of others’ eyes. It is your calling to bring the buried to surface again.


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