Mars square Pluto: Protector vs. Predator

“These are emotionally violent types. They can’t control or contain their emotional spite, and are physically damaging individuals. They have the capacity to ruin lives. They victimize themselves for personal gain, and lie regardless of consequence. They have tumultuous relationships/marriages, and are difficult people to get along with in everyday life.”

Hard or discordant aspects coming from Pluto are extremely volatile, intense, and terrifying if provoked. However, they are extremely symbolic and represent tremendous depth in a person.

Mars is the planet that rules Aries – it represents our natural instincts, drive, motivation, sexual nature, how we express our anger and frustration. Pluto is the planet that rules Scorpio (Scorpio is also co-ruled by Mars, keep in mind) – it represents transformation, death, rebirth, regeneration, what we keep secret, trauma, intensity, our inner beast. Pluto can be highly destructive. It can sometimes be referred to as the “higher octave of Mars” because of it’s nature in this way. While Mars is aggressive and destructive, Pluto is on another level – another octave – meaning, Pluto has the power to completely wipe out a person, and bring them back as someone who’s stronger and wiser.

The square aspect in astrology is one of the hardest – harder than an opposition. A square is formed at 90 degrees in a natal chart. It represents tension, frustration, disagreement between two signs or planets. Picture them at war with one another. Squares are lessons a person must learn or conquer in themselves, it does create character, wisdom and depth, but it’s not easy at all to master. When it comes to Mars square Pluto, that scenario fits perfectly: the planet of war vs. the planet of ultimate destruction, fighting to the death within one person.

Since I already mentioned what Mars represents in a natal chart, let’s get more specific on how Mars is affected when it’s squaring a planet like Pluto. This aspect creates something astrologers have referred to as the “predator or protector aspect”. The person with this aspect must learn to tame their inner demons. Anger can be felt to such an extreme that it’s comparable to physically crawling out of your own skin. This aspect expresses itself through a hair trigger temper, violent tendencies, extreme vengeful tendencies, jealousy, possessiveness, and a need for control.

Hard Pluto aspects, like I mentioned earlier, are very symbolic. Those with Pluto harshly aspecting their personal planets have most likely experienced a great loss in their life, usually parental figures, are familiar with abuse in some form, or had a very dark childhood. They were exposed to Plutonian themes growing up – death and control mostly. Because it is likely this person was attempted to be kept under one’s control growing up, they take this internal anger out by needing to feel dominant and in control of their environment at all times. These people, however, seem to be excellent to have around in times of crisis; they are no stranger to any life or death situation. Pluto also blesses us with a strong intuition and gut feeling, these people sense others’ motives in an instant, it’s nearly impossible to fool them. And I wouldn’t try to, either.

This aspect makes it nearly impossible for someone to not act on their feelings. They can be very reckless people, trying to swallow so many demons daily, one can’t help but choke. These people are forced to confront their emotions at all times, this is what makes them stronger in the end. They are rewarded with the physical stamina others cannot even comprehend. Their ability and capability to simply get things done is impeccable. These people are never quitters, they never let go of anything – that’s as good as it is bad, though (again, these are very vengeful people). With Mars square Pluto there’s an association with the dangerous members of society like criminals and sexual predators (mars and pluto both rule sex, square is a hard aspect). It can be extremely hard to get along with these people because of their naturally aggressive and somewhat mean nature at times.

Mars square Pluto individuals learn through their experiences and grow wiser with age. Squares typically have this affect on most. These are not the type of people to continue making the same mistake over and over again, they do genuinely learn from their own and other’s mistakes. They are natural leaders, very comfortable in roles of initiation and taking the reigns. The desires of the native with Mars square Pluto are deep, intense, and burning hot. They can be rather provocative people; the seductive succubus, dancing with the devil himself. Intimate relationships are all consuming, perhaps extremely overwhelming and felt on every level, vibrating to their highest point for these people. Pluto rules intimacy and sexual contact, so does Mars to an extent, so when these two are paired together it creates something not of this world. They can be the most obsessive people you’d ever encounter and not reveal it until you are trapped with them. This doesn’t mean every person with this natal aspect is an abuser, or manipulator, but it isn’t uncommon either. They can also attract others that are this way as well; obsessive types.

These people can be prone to compulsive behavior due to Pluto’s nature, this is something to be careful of as well. Power struggles are common themes in the lives of these people, they have a knack for bringing out the worst in people because of their ability to cut so deeply and intuit the triggers and pain of others. Pluto naturally brings everything back to the surface to deal with; and this is something the Mars square Pluto individual knows all too well.

“A note on Mars/Pluto, which dominates this personality and life from deep within: It shows a willingness (need) to fight to the death, a constant struggle for survival (whether physical or emotional), a compulsive need to win at any cost, the assertion of power, and deeply buried rage. It tends to bring utter ruthlessness (often hidden or disguised), and a flair for covert manipulation. The rage is buried, but then erupts with the most extreme force and is uncontrollable.”

When this aspect is “conquered” or at least tamed, you can find these people vibrating to Pluto’s highest degree. These are the gurus, the intuitives, the masters of life, the wise souls. They are receiving signals from the underworld at all times; they are constantly in conflict with themselves, who they are as opposed to what they want to be. Unresolved trauma leads to uncontrollable anger in these people. All in all, these people can be described as hurt folks walking around in a firey shell with a broken heart rattling around in their chest. They know they are the way they are, but they must find the right outlet and path to step foot on first.


The Twelfth House

“If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” – William Blake

It’s easy to get lost in the twelfth house. This house is found in dreams, drug/substance use, spiritual contact and meditation. It is no surprise that twelfth house people are highly sensitive people, they are carrying the weight of the collective unconscious on their shoulders on a daily basis. The 11th house shows us the difference between the self and others, the conscious collective, conscious dreams and aspirations. The 12th house shows us that we are one, each person is connected with the other, we are a product of those before us. This is neptune’s domain, this is where pisces retreats to think and ponder the ways of the universe. This is where things go to dissipate.

Planets that fall in the twelfth house are prone to isolation, confusion, escapism, and poor self awareness. The energy of planets can get turned inwards when the twelfth house claims it as it’s own. Even the most firey placements can become weak, repressed and lacking the self assertion they need, or want to have. This is the house of mystics. Purple fog and deep waters come to mind when envisioning the twelfth house; what is really in there? You have to look into yourself to find it. It is unconscious, sleeping away somewhere.

Sun in the 12th house feels personally abandoned. The father may have been a drunk, addict of some kind. Maybe he disappeared somehow, maybe he passed away. Perhaps the father is very much involved in the chart holder’s life, but there are many mysteries surrounding him, only to be uncovered as the chart holder grows and develops more. Having one’s ego, identity and personality in the twelfth house creates a highly introverted, introspective and sensitive soul. This person feels like themselves when they are alone, or when they feel of service to others. They owe karmic debt in this lifetime, they may have abused their power or will in another lifetime, and are now suffering the consequences of essentially have no power, even over themselves. Self awareness is at it’s minimum with the sun here. Who am I? the chart holder wonders, probably very often.

Moon in the 12th house feels too much. Sensory overload is common for these people to experience. It is hard for these people to know how they’re really feeling most of the time, because they are so chameleon like, they are absorbing the feelings of everyone around them at once. Being alone often is recommended for these people, to know how they’re truly feeling. The mother may have exhibited 12th house qualities; drunk, addict of some kind, abandoned the chart holder, passed away. Maybe there are just many mysteries surrounding the mother despite being involved in the chart holder’s life. The moon here tries to escape a lot, and tries to cling to certain emotions, ideals or people to feel like they have something secure in their life.

Mercury in the 12th house feels what they say and think is not considered, or just blatantly ignored. They feel that all their life they were not heard enough by others. Their thinking comes from the emotionally rich and vibrant waters and underground caves the twelfth house consists of. They intuitively draw out their plans. They may be slow or lethargic in speech or physically as well. It can be hard for these people to distinguish who’s thoughts they are thinking or hearing at once, there is a telepathic connection with the ones around them at all times. Misunderstandings are very common when mercury is in this house, or affected by neptune in any way.

Mars in the 12th house feels bottled up inside. Their anger is usually repressed, feelings of aggravation are typically expressed privately. There may be an innate fear of one’s own anger or capabilities. It’s not uncommon for someone with this placement to have experienced bullies in their life, these people are easily taken advantage of for simply caring and wanting to serve to help others in some way or another. The sexuality of this person may remain a mystery to them, it may be hard to express themselves sexually or intimately because of the fogginess the twelfth house surrounds them with. Self assertion is rather difficult for these people; it’s hard to stand up for themselves when they don’t see the point in doing so.

Venus in the 12th feels neglected. Relationships are kept hidden usually, secret affairs are common with this placement. There are many times the native will feel guilty for pleasing themselves, through purchases or relationships. They do not feel worthy. Though there is a gift for an artistic talent with this placement, painting or drawing usually. Venus gets lost in the boundless world the twelfth house plants it in, it’s love has no bounds, as well as it’s creativity. Venus exalts in pisces, it is a similar kind of feeling. But the twelfth house brings guilt with it, so naturally, these people can feel very guilty just for loving another – am I doing enough? Do I even deserve this? are questions this person might ask themselves pretty often.

It seems as though whenever twelfth house people find something to latch onto, something that makes them feel like, “this is me. this is what makes me feel like a person. I feel real when I have this.” it is taken from them, they are left alone again in the empty waters of the twelfth house. We will get there soon.

Saturn in the 7th House

The Seventh House in astrology represents marriage & partnerships primarily, among other things like open enemies. Saturn is the planet that rules the sign Capricorn. Naturally, Saturn is considered to be “colder” than the others which definitely sets them apart. Saturn is the planet of responsibility, stability and commitment. Whatever planet is placed in our Seventh House represents what we are most eligible to attract or project onto others – the Seventh House is sometimes referred to as our “shadow side” because of this.
With that being said, Saturn here attracts and seeks mature relationships with others. There can be significant age gaps in relationships as well because of this need for maturity and experience/wisdom. Saturn is very traditional and reserved like it’s ruling sign, Capricorn. They do not treat partnerships lightly or with ease; it is a straining process consisting of unbreakable commitment. The individual with Saturn in the 7th is constantly evaluating themselves throughout the relationship, taking notes and critical examination of their own behavior, sometimes too hesitant or anxious to be more upfront or romantic. They may compare themselves too much to how others are in relationships and develop a self-defeating attitude. Those with Saturn in the 7th (or harshly aspecting their natal Venus) may destroy their own beloved relationships out of fear of not being good enough for any of it. They may simply give up, developing a highly pessimistic attitude, believing it won’t last anyway, so why are they even trying to make it last? They can be rather self destructive in this way.

Nothing comes easy in the house where Saturn resides, in any natal chart. Saturn is the Father of Time; imagery of an hourglass or grandfather clock comes to mind. This planet delays, but never denies. One has to learn the lessons of their natal Saturn so these lessons are not repeated throughout the chart holder’s life. Because of this, there can be a perpetual feeling of loneliness. The desire to intertwine fingers with another can transform itself into a rather large and long winded mission for these people. Those plagued by Saturn’s harsh delays and rejections usually experience it’s reward after their first Saturn return (ages 29-30 usually), this is when Saturn’s lessons should be learned.

Wherever Saturn is in one’s chart, fear is present to some degree. Saturn in the 7th, Venus harshly aspecting Saturn, or Venus in Capricorn, may experience great rejection or many obstacles in regards to love and relationships. They are meant to become stronger by Saturn’s lessons before they receive their reward, this is why many of these people do not marry until later in life (after first Saturn return). Back to fear, these people fear becoming too involved with others because of their fear of rejection. They feel that if they open themselves too wide for others, others will see what the chart holder sees in themselves, and thus, rejecting and leaving the chart holder. Could this be why Capricorn and Saturn represses their emotions and true feelings? Yes. They cannot risk the true vulnerability of being intimate with another. The Saturn in the Seventh House native must evaluate themselves and their past honestly to seek the truth, growing wiser in themselves and relationships.

With Saturn here, there can be a drawn to tyrannical partners, those that are overly controlling, extremely boring, or cold/critical. The Saturn in the Seventh House person can even feel plagued by relationships like these, feeling too restricted by their own relationships, as if there are too many limitations for them. This is the fault of the spouse they have been drawn to or attracted into their lives. However this is a form of projection; it is really the Saturn in the Seventh House native exhibiting these traits onto their partner, they are facing the walls they have built up around themselves, not understanding why they are not receiving what they want out of the relationship. This is when the chart holder [should] realize they, themselves, are the problem.

Saturn rules stability and outer security. Having Saturn in the Seventh House, the native needs a partner that feels safe. They cannot deal with unpredictable behavior or spontaneous outbursts. Being removed from their emotional comfort zone is not something these people tolerate well. The Saturn in the Seventh House person may purposely choose a partner that lacks in some ways, there is a teacher and Wise Elder in Saturn, they want to impart their wisdom onto others. Also, this can make the insecure Saturn in the Seventh feel somewhat better about themselves if the relationship fails; “it was them, not me.”

The search for maturity and stability/security in a relationship [as said before] results in large age gaps in relationships, or a mother/father figure type in marriage. This can result on dependency from the Saturn in the Seventh House native onto the partner. Courting and engagements can be dragged out for longer periods of time than what is considered to be normal or average.

“… If you don’t love yourself in the right way, you can’t love your neighbour.” – Joel Osteen

The Seventh House Saturnian person must learn to love themselves before loving another. Being in a relationship where they are constantly questioning themselves, critically judging themselves (and also others) will only rush these self destructing tendencies even more. The Saturn in the Seventh House individual must find their inner strength and support structure. They must learn that they, and others, are human. No one is capable of everything, and people have limits. And that’s okay. The reward is worthwhile.

Lana Del Rey, Linda Goodman & Bernie Sanders, natal Saturn in the 7th House

Upcoming 2017 Retrogrades [brief] 

Mercury enters retrograde again soon – but so do saturn & pluto. Like all retrogrades, this is a time to reconsider, re-evaluate and rethink things on a deeper level, giving us a period of introspection. 
Pluto enters rx in capricorn – capricorn rules authority, law, etc. pluto is transformation and regeneration. 
Saturn enters rx in sagittarius – sagittarius rules foreign affairs/lands, higher knowledge & education. saturn is karma, structure, responsibility. 

Saturn rx: going back and re-evaluating commitments made, our boundaries, projects started/our responsibilities, past negotiations. it’s also important we don’t begin new projects during this time & we only focus on the ones from the past. we must re-evaluate our choices.

Pluto rx: reflective period for themes of power & control. take a step back & think of who/what is controlling you, and why. inner problems and power struggles may arise during this period as people are reaching deeper, & pluto brings the (sometimes) unwanted to the surface. 

during this pluto rx, pluto will be square jupiter (also in rx). there can be a desire to take short cuts to get your way, or excessive pride, overestimating yourself & resources may be a reoccurring theme during this time. 

Luckily, saturn will be making a trine to uranus during this time; good time & opportunity to make structure and stability out of left over chaos and rebellion. Jupiter rules religion and belief systems; religious conflicts may be more prominent during this time. we cannot be single minded. 

These are all important things to note when looking at our current U.S. government situation, I’m anticipating what will happen during this time

Moon in Leo

“Leo is not a tyrant but the embodiment of charisma and generosity. Displays of pettiness, shame, or envy hurt your heart, whether you witness them or experience those feelings yourself, because you don’t like yourself or anyone else to feel small. When your heart is open and your spirit is engaged, it’s like the warmth of sunshine; everyone gets to be in the light.” – Amy Herring

Leo is a fixed fire sign ruled by the sun – having the moon in this sign is unique, being that it’s ruled by another luminary in astrology. The sun is actually considered a star though, which is fitting because that is exactly what Leo wants to be recognized as.

Because Leo is fixed, it can make this moon placement incredibly stubborn and resistant to change. Being a fire sign though, they have a childlike disposition and enjoy the risk taking moments in life. It’s hard to make fixed signs change their mind, or ways, they stubbornly cling to what they feel is right. The word “feel” should be emphasized here, because we’re talking about the moon – the moon in astrology represents our feelings. How we feel, what makes us feel certain things, how we cope with our feelings, habitual behavior, our emotional needs, and what makes us feel safe. The moon is also representative of the mother figure in one’s life. By looking at the moon we can determine all of these things to some extent.

Let’s talk about Leo’s ruler – the sun. The sun in astrology is considered a luminary, like the moon. Our sun sign represents our ego, personality, what we want to be recognized as, how we express ourself. Everything in the chart projects itself through the lens of the sun sign. Leo is dignified in the sun because it is it’s natural ruler. The sign Leo itself naturally has these characteristics – a more prominent personality, can be somewhat self-centered (the sun rules the self and ego), romantic (Leo rules the 5th house, house of romance & pleasure), outgoing, noticeable, spontaneous. Expressing themselves comes natural to Leo’s. These traits take on the moon in a more inner way – our moon is our private self and our first instincts.

The typical moon in Leo must be recognized, acknowledged and appreciated emotionally. This is what makes them feel safe and secure. Being ignored is something these people cannot tolerate. The moon in Leo native can become increasingly dramatic and desperate the more they feel they are neglected, they can be very emotional people. Passion is high here. Leo rules the heart in medical astrology, when matters of the heart are involved – like love – they are all in. These people do everything from the heart, it’s hard for them not to take most things personally. They exhibit a sensitive ego, one that is easily hurt by even the slightest comment or gesture.

Leo is a very generous sign despite most stereotypes. Moon in leo’s are not selfish, they are self-centered. They worry about themselves before anyone else. This can be a good thing in some cases but they must be careful to not take this too far, and completely disregard what others want or need first. It’s easy for this to be twisted into selfishness. Especially since we are talking about the moon, their emotional security comes first before all. The vitality found in this placement is very prominent, they have tremendous will power (most of the time). They can be rather extravagant in some cases, sometimes flashy.

Romance is something this moon placement needs in life. Being swept off their feet by their ideal partner is something they dream about even as children. Unconditional love is something the moon in Leo strongly desires. They can feel lost and incomplete without this aspect in their life. Not so much having a committed partner, but just having that moment of being swept off their feet is what Leo in general finds amazing. They want to be shown off by a partner and recognized for who they are and what they want. They must feel like a priority to others, or else feelings of neglect and being ignored come in, drowning them in feelings of toxicity.

The sun rules creativity in astrology, and the 5th house (ruled by Leo) represents our creative interests, hobbies, things that give us pleasure, no matter what they are. Because of this, moon in Leo’s might have some kind of creative outlet, like painting, drawing, singing, acting, etc. It may seem as if they were born naturally with a talent for the arts, and they most likely were. It’s not uncommon for anyone under Leo influence to be extremely creative in some way. And because we are talking about a sun-ruled sign, they will mostly likely want everyone to know about it and to be appreciated for it. Appreciation, if you couldn’t tell, goes a long way for this sign and moon placement in general. Praise is what makes the lunar Leo’s heart soar.

Lunar Leos have the natural affinity to show us all what makes us special. When they open their hearts to others, the sunshine pours in, you can feel it all over. Seeing anyone else in pain puts this moon placement in pain as well. This moon placement inspires others through what inspires them; mostly creatively. This is the type of friend you need if you’re feeling bad about yourself, they will envelope you in a cradle of sunshine, giving you the light you need to carry on.

All personal planets in Leo may have a showy quality to them, as briefly mentioned earlier. With moon in Leo and relationships, they enjoy being very demonstrative with partners, and this must be reciprocated back to them. This is where those feelings of neglect come back in. They need playfulness in a partner, someone that will be a little dramatic with them, so nothing gets too boring after a while. They need someone helpful [just as they are], but can also be responsible in the relationship, and know that it’s not all play. Leo loves harder than most.

The dark side of a Leo moon is arrogance. When feeling insecure, as everyone does, this is their defense mechanism of choice. Feeling vulnerable makes these people feel very uncomfortable and scared, so naturally they fight against it by acting like they aren’t feeling so vulnerable on the inside. It’s important for these people to not let this get the best of them, and to find something that makes them feel warm inside; something that lights their soul up; like they do for others.


Megan Fox, Lana Del Rey & Marilyn Manson, natal moon in Leo

Moon in Sagittarius: Wanderlust

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Being mutable, this sign is easily adaptable and changeable to new environments and people. Fire signs are naturally impulsive, competitive, and passionate people, and this is shown very much through this sign. Sagittarius is the Centaur; the Archer. His bow and arrow are aimed high in the sky in search of higher knowledge. Sagittarius rules the 9th house of higher education, philosophy, laws, foreign locations, etc. This sign is the philosopher of the zodiac; constantly seeking to find the truth behind all, the reasoning behind every word and action.

Moon in Sagittarius is usually seen as the most laid back and fun loving place for the moon to be in. Because this sign is mutable, and fire, it makes it easy to adventure to new places and enjoy the new opportunities life throws at them. Sagittarius is the wanderer, the moon in this sign has the soul of a traveler and soul searcher.

The Moon in astrology represents our needs, feelings, what makes us feel safe, our mother and past life experiences as well. With the moon in Sagittarius, this person seeks to adventure, expand their minds and experience new things in new places to feel at peace. Routine and feeling restricted or trapped is torturous for these adventurous souls. The main source of emotional happiness for moon in Sagittarius is to allow yourself to go wherever your heart wants you to go, to feel ultimate freedom to do and feel as you please. Sagittarius is generally known for being a very optimistic sign, being ruled by Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. There is an innate thirst for knowledge and seeking truth. What keeps the moon in Sagittarius from dying out is removing themselves from their comfort zone to experience new things often.

Moon in Sagittarius can be pretty blunt and direct (like all fire signs) with how they feel. They see life as being too short to lie or hide their feelings; for they avoid feeling “stuck” at all costs, especially in relationships where they feel they do not have the freedom to do as they please. It’s easy for this sign to forgive and forget; Sagittarius is not typically a sign known for holding grudges or keeping past heartbreaks around for a while.

There can be quite a “God Complex” or superiority complex found in these people. Moon in Sagittarius might get so caught up in their own belief system(s) and start to become fixed in it, despite being a mutable sign. They might become hard-headed and refuse to accept any other’s personal beliefs or input. That their truth is the only truth. This can cause conflicts in personal relationships, etc.

Moon in Sagittarius needs a source of inspiration somewhere in their lives; and they want to inspire others, too. These are true visionaries that are constantly striving to learn more and be more in the world. They want to leave a lasting impact on the ones around them. The mother of the moon in Sagittarius may have been a visionary herself; maybe who liked to travel a lot, and the moon in Sagittarius child grew up traveling in many different places. The mother may have worked far away and had to commute from home to job frequently.

Jupiter and Sagittarius are all about expansion. Since the moon rules feelings and emotions, feelings with this placement can be expanded and become overly enthusiastic. There is an expansion in all feelings; joy and sadness. This placement can be irresponsible at worst; poor with money and can make too many faulty promises. Moon in Sagittarius can also find themselves in many situations where they bite off much more than they can chew, they are the ones that make promises when feeling optimistic and faithful, and then are unable to go through with what they’ve said.

With moon in Sagittarius there can be problems in focusing too much on the bigger picture and neglecting details. It is important these people are not so focused on the perfect image of their future and visions that they forget what is presently in front of them, or what they have to deal with here and now.

Intimately, moon in Sagittarius wants a partner that they can share their hopes and dreams with. By communicating with their intuitive visions and ideas, they find emotional security in feeling accepted and being allowed to have their own freedom. They are not the type that deal well when too much is expected of them, or when much responsibility is placed upon them either.

What moon in Sagittarius must learn is to not be so caught up in bettering themselves and only trying to understand themselves; but also the ones and world around them.



Albert Einstein, Jennifer Aniston & Charlie Sheen, natal moon in Sagittarius

Juno, through the Signs

Recently, I was asked “how important Juno really is”, to which my response was, “…as important as you want it to be”. Like most things in astrology, this is very subjective. Many astrologers enjoy incorporating the use of asteroids in readings, interpretations and forecasts. Some don’t. Personally, I only use a handful of asteroids (the “main” ones) in any reading or interpretation I do, Juno included.

Juno is the “marriage” asteroid in astrology.  It can show the partner needed for marriage in one’s chart. The thing is, it represents the type of partner someone needs, as opposed to wants. There’s a big difference there. Some have told me that they can’t “relate” to their Juno, saying that this isn’t what they’re looking for in a relationship. Well, you’re probably not looking deep enough within yourself. It’s time to put yourself aside, ego and all, and think about exchanging the words “til death do us part,” with another. Who are they? What qualities must this person have, to keep you satisfied for a lifetime? Juno isn’t for casual dating; it is for life. It is marriage.

Juno through the Signs:

Aries: seeking potential marriage partner that exhibits traits of independence, a direct sense of identity. someone more on the competitive side. someone with a strong personality, assertive & sure of themselves. perhaps someone that can challenge you on some level, always keep life in the relationship, always action happening. someone passionate or maybe even aggressive. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship that challenges you and still remains passionate over time, with an active sex life, most likely.

Taurus: seeking potential marriage partner that exhibits traits of conservation and practicality. someone committed, traditional, very down to earth, reliable and grounded in all ways. someone good with money, who can keep track of income. someone modest, who appreciates the simpler things in life, like good food and comfort. someone you can spend a Sunday with happily. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship that is consistent and reliable. where the love is deeply understood between you two. where comfort can be shared, and being natural is encouraged.

Gemini: seeking potential marriage partner that exhibits traits of being very social, witty, and good at communicating. someone that likes a constant refresher in the relationship. someone who gives you space, freedom and independence. someone that can really understand you. someone that keeps you on the edge of your seat and satisfies the child living inside you.  overall, you’re seeking a relationship that constantly stimulates you on a mental level.  a relationship that is more spontaneous and exciting. where the fun doesn’t die out between you two.

Cancer: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of sensitivity and nurture. someone that gives you a sense of security, mostly emotionally. someone that is capable of loving and caring as deeply as you. someone that can intuitively understand you, words don’t need to be exchanged. someone that can keep you safe. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship where your love is felt on a deeper level than just words can express. a relationship where you are each other’s rock, a source of stability and calm.

Leo: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of loyalty and warmth. someone that keeps the romance alive well after the “honeymoon phase” and can keep the spark burning between you two through spontaneous acts of love. randomly getting flowers, etc. someone that is creative and benefits your sense of creativity, or vice versa. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship where love is always the first priority. loyalty is never questioned between you two, and romance never dies no matter how long the relationship.

Virgo: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of cautiousness and organization. someone that takes every minor detail into account, someone that notices the very small things about you that no one else would. someone that actively works to find a proper solution to things. a partner who is hardworking, helpful and adaptable in new situations. someone that enjoys helping you and others as well. someone that is able to properly utilize dreams and turn them into reality. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship that is more slow, practical and reserved. a relationship in which the two of you can help each other. a relationship where communication is clearly expressed and made a priority.

Libra: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of social and proper. someone that can handle themselves well amongst other people, and also one-on-one. someone that prefers harmony and peace rather than constant conflict and argumentative behavior. someone that is highly considerate of not only your needs, but the needs of how to keep the relationship going. someone that understands how relationships work in general. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship where each of you has their own trusted space in the relationship. jealousy seems to be unnecessary. drama is kept to a minimum and compromise always works in your favor.

Scorpio: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of power, intimacy, and mystery. there is an attraction to the secretive nature of a potential partner. partner must be somewhat challenging, or hard to get to open up. a partner with much inner depth and possibly a difficult past (baggage). someone that is very sensitive and emotionally understanding even if it is not obvious immediately. someone intuitive to your needs and wants. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship where there is a healthy amount of jealousy present – to keep things going. sex and soulful intimacy are more of a need with this placement. the ability to dig deep within each other to uncover secrets and the hidden parts to one another is a need as well.

Sagittarius: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of adventure and free spirited-ness. you may like a partner that’s not afraid to take risks once in a while. someone that lives with a more open mind, who is tolerant of new beliefs, or who is quite philosophical themselves. someone that lives life on their own beliefs. someone that can always instill a feeling of wanderlust deep inside you for life. overall, you’re seeking a lifelong relationship that consists of sharing belief systems, views of the world, and taking risks together. adventures, vacations and sharing new experiences together are all things that are the base of your relationship.

Capricorn: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of determination, security-oriented, and success driven qualities. a partner that is practical, down to earth and logical is necessary. someone that can be more of your rock, someone that doesn’t let their emotions cloud their thinking too much. someone not emotionally impulsive and is capable of making calculated decisions. someone that can provide outer security for you is very important. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship that is long lasting. definitely til death to you part. preserving together and sticking through hard times, climbing every mountain together.

Aquarius: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of rebellion, nonconforming behavior, and uniqueness/individualism. a partner that is inspiring is sought after. a thought provoking and maybe head turning partner as well. someone that knows how to make you think and see things in a new way, a way you’ve never thought of before. a partner that encourages nothing less but for you to simply be yourself always. a partner that is not a follower of any sort, one that goes to the beat of their own drum. overall, you’re seeking a lifetime long relationship with someone that truly inspires you. a unique relationship where both of you embrace your true selves.

Pisces: seeking potential partner that exhibits traits of spirituality, acceptance and compassion. someone that intuitively understands your emotions, wants and needs. someone that is empathetic and non superficial. may be attracted to gurus, enlightenment thinkers, visionaries, or the troubled souls of the world. the underdog. someone that accepts you for who you truly are and doesn’t try to change you. overall, you’re seeking a lifelong relationship filled with sensitivity and gentleness towards one another. open mindedness and empathy must be a theme in this relationship.